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  1. thank you for your very useful blog. I love the step by step pictures and instructions. My kids love the butter chicken. when should we add the garam masala or is it optional?

  2. Hi aarthi you got a very nice taste and talent! I like your blog. In many recipes you use garam masala. When we talk about grammasala my mom makes one kind at home,store bought ones are many kinds…and they alter the taste all together…so which ones do you use?recommended any particular brand for your recipes. Or please share the proportion that u make at home.I really appreciate if you respond to my query..

  3. Hi Aarthi, I just tried your butter chicken recipe!! My kids loved it. Thanks for postings receives. Always I go to your site when I need anything to try….

  4. First things first. I was recently introduced to your site. I tried a coconut recipie with chicken and i really loved it. Today I want to try butter chicken. I was hoping u could clarify my doubt.I usually get broiler chicken but it takes lot of time to cook. So I cook the chicken in cooker and follow the remainder procedure in your blog. But in the butter chicken recepie you ask to marinate the chicken. So can I marinate after boiling the chicken like I do regularly?

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