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  1. Tried this cake and it came out very well.. It was yummy except for the cake sunk in the middle. What could be the reason,Have I over baked it??

  2. @Jazmin Alfaisal
    I have tried this cake (right off Rachel Allen on TLC) some 5-6 times, yes it tends to sink in the middle unlike normal cakes . Just ensure its cooked through. The flavor of the cake makes up for it though. Use a normal pan insted of
    a bigger pan.

  3. Arathi I just have powdered sugar at home. No icing sugar! Can I substitue by adding more powdered sugar? How much? Also can I use powder sugar for icing glaze here?

  4. Hi Aarthi. I have tried this with my 27ltr convection. Prehit at 180 degree8-10 minutes and set the baked time to 20 minutes. The cake raised duly within 8-10 minutesBut after 10-12 minutes the cake turns brown. Fearing a burnt cake, I reduced the heat to 120 degree and bake for another 5 minutes.
    It sunk at the middle and the middle portion did not bake properly.
    What happens?

  5. Hi Aarti, I have made this cake many times, its so yummy. Got great compliments from friends and family. Thank you for this recipe.

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