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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked it and visit me whenever you want. Your blog also has very good recipes and i will come visit you whenever i can. cya

  2. Hello wapa thank you very much for visiting my blog it makes me happy you have liked it and go to do some recipe.
    I like this fish dish with curri, though not if pus to find the ingredients to do it.
    You have still had of luxury and insurance that this delicious.
    A greeting.

  3. Aarthi!!, I love curry too!!, this recipe looks uhmmm, good, good!!!. I like very much your pictorials!!, and I think I can smell the curry hehe!!. I have a present for you in my blog, please visit it when you want!!. Kisses from Zaragoza!!

  4. I'd appreciate it if you could get in touch with me including a small number of tips about the line of attack you ended your website seem to be absolutely excellent, I would be obliged.

    As a final note , permit me thank you for your patience with my English as (I'm certain you have become aware this at this moment ,), English is not my mother language thus I am using Google Translate to build out what to enter what I sincerely plan to articulate.

  5. This was our dinner on Saturday and Sunday 🙂 The curry sauce was awesome, so very spicy and full of flavour, but the fish I bought was way too bony. We spent the whole dinner picking little bones out of our bowls, so we couldn't appreciate the meal properly 🙁 I'd like to try this with a better piece of fish. My husband loved it though, even with all the fish bones he had to pick out.

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