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  1. You are such a great person.Constantly going through this process of capturing every step you make.I compliment you for that.No excuses not to be succesfull making great stuff like todays recepie:)

  2. Added to my must make list. I have all of the ingredients on hand. Will be making these for my son as "potty training" treats. Hopefully these brownies will help with this long drawn out process. Haha!

  3. Baked this today after a long wait in my to do list 😀 It turned out yummm everyone liked it at my home, only thing missing was icecream to enjoy with 🙂 my cocoa powder was dark in colour it turned my brownies black 🙁 but never mind taste matters. brownies were sticking at the bottom and i wasnt able to cut properly in shape it was sticking alot 😕 any paticular tip to work out with??? do let me know 😛

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