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  1. I think your fiancee will be overjoyed at his sweet Valentine's treat!! Looks absolutely decadent. Yum!

  2. wow yummy.. i dont have oven so havent baked any dishes.. but u made it look so simple

    happy valentines day and would look forward to ur special dish later..

    i also made one recipe but its not chocolate. its sweet wud put up later though in say about 3hrs

  3. this is different way of making molten lava then what i do…will try this one as this uses pretty basic ingredients..
    btw i made ur tutti fruti cookies, came out yumm, i had to make some changes to suit mumbai weather conditions…thanks for it

  4. Have you cooked this cake in convection mode? Pls let me know. I would like to try this in my LG MV Oven.

    • Am a fan of ur cooking recipes,i tried many of urs recipe and came perfect.can u share recipe of molten lava cookies.

  5. Can it be done in microwave? Wats the difference in baking in oven n microwave. … are they same or wat.?
    Actually I don't know what I have. … its shows micro/combi/grill … so it means I have a microwave … ryte.?
    I am asking u this bcoz I dont want to miss this cake…. waiting desperately. … n thank u for all ur recipes. ..according to me this blog is definitely a life saver.

    • Thanku dear… I have tried one of the microwave cake…. 2 min Nutella mug cake…. that was perfect …. so thot of making this…. thanks for your valuable time in replying. …. I will do check the link…. tc n bye

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