Aug 30, 2016

Chilled Masala Milk & Multigrain Ladoos + Little Moppet Foods for Babies & Toddlers - A REVIEW

Little Moppet Foods is started by Dr Hema Priya. Dr. Hemapriya Natesan is a mother of two kids and the founder of one of India’s top parenting blogs My Little Moppet. Thousands of mothers religiously follow her posts on solids for little ones.As the popularity of her website soared, many busy moms also started reaching out to her asking if she provided wholesome baby food too. Hence she started Little Moppet FoodsIt is a  brand of wholesome and pure 100% Organic homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added flavors, added sugar or salt. 100% Natural & Organic.All their food is made in her own kitchen, using carefully picked ingredients from their preferred organic partner Organic Mandya. And she is a stickler for cleanliness. She says that every person who handles the food is required to wear disposable gloves and cap. So you can rest assured that there will never be any compromise on hygiene with Little Moppet Foods. Many of these food items they offer have been trusted by generations of Indian parents. And with good reason. They’re are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, iron, carbs…all the important things that growing bodies need.
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Aug 29, 2016

Indonesian Style Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe was given to me by my little sissy, who came across this on in facebook. So when we were together few weeks back we tried it and it was delicious.

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Aug 23, 2016

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Brownies Recipe

This brownies is a kind to die for, it is rich, decadent and full of the nutty brown butter aroma and flavour. And with the bits and pieces of peanut butter cups it is delicious.

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Aug 22, 2016

Coffee Lovers Protein Shake Recipe + OZIVA Nutritional Meal Shake Review

As the chief caretaker of my home & family, I am always concerned about what my husband is eating and was trying to find out a few healthy meals

We usually have light dinner meals, and he ends up taking his lunch outside most of the time. So I thought about making the one meal-breakfast which also happens to be the most important meal of the day- as nutritious as possible for him! Coming from South India, my husband and I love our coffee and rice.

My dietician had suggested me to add more protein to our diets as the diet was good in carbs but was lacking protein! So, I thought of trying Coffee Protein shake. I was only weighing the options for the right kind of food options. I had heard some buzz about OZIVAshakes initially I was a bit hesitant but later I did some research and found that it is a Meal replacement shake with high protein content and also has Ayurvedic herbs.

I thought of giving it a try and ordered it from Amazon. My husband has been having it every morning. Infact, after buying my husband also got a call from one of their dieticians who helped him with a diet plan. He was very happy to see such a personalized touch to buying a product.

I also realized it’s one of the easiest healthy wholesome options if someone doesn’t have time to whip up a hearty breakfast. It takes less than 5 mins for me to get the breakfast done on a few days !
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Fresh Red Chilli Pickle Recipe - Raw Red Chilli Pickle Recipe

I was searching for fresh red chillies in my place for quite a long time. I had lots of recipe ideas on my head using red chillies. Since i couldn't get my hands on those, those recipes were pending. 

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Aug 17, 2016

Poondu Puli Kuzhambu Recipe - Garlic Kuzhambu Recipe

Poondu puli kuzhambu is a staple dish in our house. I love it so much, that it takes places atleast once in our weekly lunch. This method is super easy to make but taste really delicious.

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85 Kuzhambu recipes in my blog.
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Kovakkai Poriyal Recipe - Tindora Poriyal Recipe

Kovakkai - Tindora fry is one of my all time favourite sidedish. It is really tasty on it own or as a side for rice and any gravies.

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Aug 16, 2016

Easy Egg Burger Recipe

This is a quick dish which you can make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is so easy to make and i love it so much. It is a filling burger meal as well. All you need is to make a egg omelette and put it inside buns. YUM

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Dry Fish Thokku Recipe - Karuvadu Thokku Recipe - Dry Fish Curry Recipe

This is a simple recipe which you can make with dry fish. The tangy and spicy masala goes really well with the dry fish and taste amazing.

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Aug 15, 2016

Dahi Aloo Roast Recipe - Potato Roast with Yogurt

This is a simple potato dish which i made few days back, it is so easy to make but taste really yummy specially with rasam rice, curd rice or sambar rice. 

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Aug 9, 2016

Chicken Supreme Pizza Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stop & Shop for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't love pizza. I am a great fan of those molten cheese topped over the crispy and little soft crust along with a whole lot of toppings. It makes a great weekend dinner. This is my version of chicken supreme pizza which i simply love and it is my go to recipe.

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Aug 8, 2016

One Pot Cheesy Chicken Tomato Pasta Bake Recipe

You all know i am a fan of my one pot pasta dishes. I think it is so comforting to make everything in a single pot. Plus less washing up which is a added bonus. This pasta dish is one of the best i would say, it all came together in under 30 mins and it was delicious. I used Ragu Homestyle Thick and Hearty Traditional Sauce which made this pasta so much better.
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Aug 6, 2016

Lunch Menu 14 - Drumstick Avial, Pepper Broccoli Stir Fry, Mango Poriyal, Ladies Finger Pulikari

Finally I am up with another lunch menu. Its been a while since i shared a lunch menu idea post. I am thinking to share these posts regularly on every sunday. But somehow i get lazy and never open the blog on sundays.

Check out my other lunch menu ideas too

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Lunch Menu 13 - Gujarati Thali Meals - Gujarati Thali Lunch Menu

Its been a while since i shared any lunch menu or thali meals. This is one which i made few months back and i simply forgot to share it. So i decided to share it today. 

Check out my other lunch menu ideas too
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Aug 5, 2016

Domino's Pizza Burger Recipe - Domino's Style Pizza Burger Recipe (Veg Version)

This is one recipe which i wanted to try for a very very long time. Finally i made it yesterday and it turned out delicious i cannot wait to share it. It is pretty simple recipe to make. You just need a handful of ingredients and few herbs for this..Ever since i saw this TV commercial for the new release in the dominos, i wanted to try it. It is nothing but a burger that taste like a pizza. I gave my own twist on it and it was way too delicious.

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Butterscotch Milkshake Recipe

This is one drink which i made few days back, I had some butterscotch essence and sauce on hand, so used that to create this drink. My little one loved it.

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Thinai Upma Recipe - Foxtail Millet Upma Recipe

upma is a easy go to breakfast idea in many home. It is quick to make and taste delicious as well. Why not try this foxtail millet upma instead of regular ones. These are delicious and is so healthy. 

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Aug 4, 2016

Saamai Coconut Rice Recipe - Thengai Sadam using Little Millet

I love coconut rice..Amma makes it often for lunch on weekdays, since it is so easy peasy to make..Actually it taste so great as it is..So you don’t need any side dish with this..If you want some thing to go also with this, you could make Potato Roast.

I made it yesterday but i used saamai rice to make it, since it is so healthy. It turned out so delicious, even hubby loved it so much.You can cook millets  using this method as well.

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Crunchy Feta Salad Recipe - Feta Salad with Crispy Croutons

This is one quick and healthy salad which i made few days back. It was very cooling and refreshing, i loved it so much. If you are on diet, you can have a bowl of this for lunch, it keeps you filling for a long time. This is a cooling and tasty salad.

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Aug 3, 2016

One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta Recipe

I love one pot meals, they are much convenient when you dont have much time on hand and less washing up. This pasta is one of that recipe, it is all made in a single pot and taste so delicious. Cooking pasta directly in the sauce creates a silky and creamy texture to the pasta.

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Pan Fried Seitan Recipe - Vegetarian Wheat Meat Recipe

This is the recipe which i made using the seitan which i made and it tasted very similar to meat. The texture was just like that and it is a best vegetarian option. You have to give this a try for sure.

Check out Homemade Seitan Recipe
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Mango Yogurt Recipe - Homemade Flavoured Yogurt Recipe

I have recently started loving the mango yogurt which you get in shops. So i decided to try it at home and it turned out just how i wanted. So delicious.

Hung Curd
Saffron Shrikhand

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Aug 2, 2016

South Indian Fish Curry Recipe - Video Recipe

I should admit to you a truth my friends. I am not a expert in cooking fish dishes, i never liked fish recipes, we dont cook fish recipes often, most of the fish recipes which i try has been a flop for me, THESE ALL HAPPENED BEFORE MARRIAGE.

Once i got married to a total fish addict. I started learning fish recipes slowly. Once of the basic recipe is fish curry, i make it in my style, but my hubby was not very keen into that curry. So he thought me how to make the perfect fish curry in the world. And i should admit the truth that it was yum, i started eating fish lovingly from that day onwards.
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Brownie Cupcakes Recipe

You all know i just adore brownies..I love making them a lot as well. Each time i like to experiment with those beauties.

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KFC Popcorn Chicken Recipe - Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Popcorn chicken is my little one's favourite recipe. It turned out to be crispy and crunchy with whole lot of taste and flavour in it. I have already shared a recipe for popcorn chicken, this one is a updated version and it turned out to be way more delicious.

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Kiwi Juice Recipe - Fresh Kiwi Juice Recipe

It is getting hot here. I dont feel like eating anything hot, the one thing which i want is juices, milkshakes, icecream and lots and lots of water..I have started buying tons of fruits. I am making fresh juices almost daily. You can check out my list of juice recipes here..
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Aug 1, 2016

Thinai Kozhukattai Recipe - Foxtail Millet Kozhukattai Recipe

Foxtail millet / Thinai is my favorite millet. I love varagu too. Because these millets can be made into anything and they taste just great. I never miss my rice when i eat them, because these both taste like rice. Specially this kozhukattai tasted like my mom's chambara kozhukattai. I have already posted a kuthiraivali tomato upma. This is my another addition to my millet list.

You can check my other millet recipes too..

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Salted Chaas Recipe - Buttermilk Recipe

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