Apr 6, 2012

கீரை புளிகறி / Amma's Keerai Pulikary(Kulambu) / Spinach Gravy / Spinach & Dal Cooked in a Spicy Coconut Sauce

Amma makes this kulambu often..She makes this with spinach and their stalks too which turns out so healthy. The stalks of the spinach have so much flavour In them which makes this gravy so tasty. If you are using baby spinach, you can make with that too. You can make this curry with any vegetables of your choice..

I hope you will love this and let me know what you think..


Spinach – 5 cups chopped finely ( Amma used Arai Keerai / Amaranth Leaves / Mulaikeerai and used the stalks of them too)
Toor Dal / Tuvaram paruppu – ½ cup
Salt to taste

For grinding:
Coconut – 1 cup
Shallots / Sambar Onion – 3
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam – 1 tsp
Chilli powder – 1 tsp or to taste
Turmeric powder / Manjal podi -1 tsp
Tamarind – 1 small lime size

For tempering:
Oil- 1 tblspn
Onion Vadam / Vadakam – 2 small piece crushed ( You can find in super market)


Start by cooking the toor dal in a pressure cooker till it gets mushy. I usually take ½ cup of toor dal along with 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker and pressure cook it for 5 whistles. Switch off the flame and let the pressure go all by itself. Dal Done.

Grind the ingrediants given in the list to a fine paste by adding some water. Set this aside.

Take spinach and spinach stalk in a kadai. Add water and cook it uncovered for 15 mins.

Add in cooked dal and ground masala and mixwell. Adjust the water consistency. Add salt and mix well.

Bring it to a boil and simmer for 10 mins.

Now make tempering By heating oil and frying some onion vadam in oil. Pour this over the curry and  mix well.

Serve this with rice.

Take your grinding ingrediants in a blender
make into a smooth paste
Cook toor dal till mushy
Cook spinach and spinach stalks in water
spinach is cooked
add in dal
ground masala
and mix well
add salt
and mix well
transfer to a bowl
make tempering
fry onion vadam till golden
pour it over the curry
mix well


  1. Sounds iteresting...healthy curry

  2. Super comfort dal !!!! Perfect with rotis and rice !!!!!

  3. Lovely recipe aarthi!!!!!new to me, i'm gonna make this now, letz c how it turns!!!

  4. I am a big spinach fan so this sounds fantastic to me. Diane

  5. wonderful curry new to me looks delicious

  6. A new curry to me..Have never tried this variation in cooking spinach..Lovely earthen kadai..So cute..

    Kitchen - The Chef's Paradise

  7. Is this palak keerai?
    please tell

  8. @AnonymousIt is Arai Keerai / Amaranth Leaves / Mulaikeerai

  9. Thank you very much aarthi

  10. This is such a healthy meal! I love the flavors in it!

  11. Do you know what,sometimes I use to search the recipe name (usually I search like only your blog)and browse through the Google images and which recipe I likes I would choose to do it..Today I searched and found this recipe and then only realized it is your recipe.lol...you are always a winner😄

  12. Hi Aarthi,
    My Amma is from Nagercoil (Derisanamcope) and lots of your recipe are similar to our home cooking. This spinach is my favourite and she uses red spinach and buttermilk instead of tamarind. It's divine and I will have it every day without any complaints. Love your blog you're amazing keep the good work going. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful recipes and all the very best.

  13. Im new to ur blog...I appreciate the effort u have taken..I loved the pictures.I have a few doubts..can we have this gravy with adai/dosa?...


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