Jul 23, 2013

Cucumber Mint Cooler / Cucumber Cooler / Cucumber Juice

This has become my favorite juice of all time. I never thought that a bland cucumber can taste this special. Yes it does taste wonderful. I recommend you to give this a shot once. I partcularly love the pleasant colour of this cooler, it is so cooling and refreshing. The one thing you should do is have this drink very cold, that what makes it. So next time when you have a cucumber salad or something like that, think again..

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Serves : 2 to 3


Cucumber - 1 medium size
Mint Leaves - 15 springs
Sugar - 2 tblspn or to taste
Salt - 1/2 tsp or to taste
Lemon Juice - Juice from one small lemon
Water as needed
Icecubes to serve


Take a cucumber and peel them up. Deseed and chop them into cubes.

Add this to blender along with mint leaves, sugar, salt.

Add some water and puree them.

Now strain this mixture through a fine sieve.

Fill a glass with icecubes and pour the cooler over it.

Serve cold.

Take all your ingredients

Peel a cucumber

Deseed and chop them

Add it to a blender

Add in mint leaves

Add some sugar

some salt

some lemon juice

now time to blend them up..Add water too

Puree them up

Sieve it

Squeeze to remove any juice

Your cooler is done

Fill a mug with icecubes

Fill the juice in it

Serve cold


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