Feb 22, 2014

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe / How to Make Mayonnaise / Chilli Aioli Recipe / Garlic Aioli Recipe / Aioli Recipe / Garlic Mayonnaise Recipe

There comes the ultimate dipping sauce. One of my all time favorite, i can slather this sauce in all this edible. There is nothing compared homemade, i dont prefer that jarred mayo which they have packed years back. I love that creamy goodness which is made fresh at home. It taste really yummy, you got to try this one..

Whenever i make mayo at home, i add some garlic, because garlic mayo is seriously addictive. I have got so many request from you all to post this recipe, and finally i made it couple weeks back. I decided to make two types of mayo, a spicy chilli mayo and a pungent garlic mayo..

I love to serve this with chicken fry, grilled chicken, chicken croquettes..It taste so good. But the most favorite dish of mine is fried onion rings, that is what i made..Will share the recipe soon..

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Preparation Time : 10 mins
Makes around 1 cup to 1.5 cup of mayo


Egg Yolk - from 2 large egg
Oil - 1 cup / 240 ml ( Use plain olive oil or vegetable oil ) , I used refined oil
Salt -  1 tsp
Lemon Juice - 2 tsp
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Water - 1 tblspn

For flavouring mayo:
Chilli Flakes - 2 tsp
Garlic - 2 cloves


Start by making mustard powder. I didn't have any, so i took some whole mustard seeds in a mortar and pestle and crushed it to make powder. 

Take egg yolk(no whites please) in a small blender (use small jar from your blender), add in lemon juice, salt, water, mustard powder and blend them for 30 seconds. Now it must have turned little frothy.

Now add in 1/3 of the oil and blend it for 30 seconds.By this time it must have turned little thick.

Add in 1/3 of oil again and blend for 30 more seconds. By this time it must have turned little more thick.

Now add in the remaining oil and blend for 30 more seconds. Now you find the mayo to be thick and creamy.

You can use this as it is. Or go one step further like i did. I divided the mayo into two bowls. Add chilli flakes in one and minced garlic in other. Mix it well and serve with your favorite snacks. 


1)This can be stored in a air tight container for for 2 to 3 days in fridge.
2)Since it has raw eggs in it, always keep the mixture cool.
3)Use the small jar from your blender. Big jars wont work.
4) Only egg yolks should be used.So separate the egg yolk carefully.
5)If you find the mayo curdled. Dont panic. Start with a new batch. Take couple of egg yolks and use the curdled mixture as the oil, slowly add it and blend it. This way you will get a perfect mayo.

Take your ingredients

Take mustard in a crusher

Crush it..

Till you get nice powder

Take the small jar of your mixie

Start by separating a egg

You need yolk alone

I used 2 egg yolks
Add in lemon juice

Add in some water

Then goes some salt

Add in mustard powder

Cover it

And blend them

After 30 seconds  of blending

You will find the egg yolk mix little frothy

Now add 1/3 of the oil

cover and blend

You can see it has become little thick

Add the remaining 1/3 of oil

After blending it has become little more thick

Now add the remaining oil

cover and blend

See how thick it is

Creamy goodness

I decided to make 2 types of aioli
A garlic and chilli one

Add chilli flakes to one bowl of mayo

Mix it up

And i minced some garlic

and added it to another bowl

Mix it up

Serve with any of your favorite snacks

I served it with crispy onion rings


  1. I like your posts & wanted to encourage you to keep it up. http://InviteTown.com/?id=Meklit

  2. Thanks for the detailed step by step method which encouraged me to make mayo at home...it turned out perfect.

  3. Simply delicious and lovely looking mayonese. Lovely step by step preparation.

  4. :) This one is my favourite specially the garlic mayonise ... with bread it tastes great ... Can we spread this a bread slice and toast it will it tasste like garlic bread ??? :) ... Thank u again for a superb receipe ...

  5. wow...its very easy and yummy...thanks aarthi mam...waiting for dis for a long time...wil try dis soon...

  6. Thak u very much Aarthi for this recipe. I tried to make mayo many times but couldnt attain the consistency... I used whole egg. Now I'll try ur recipe...Thank u

  7. Awesome recipe! Love all the your recipes! Bookmarking them like whatever I see :). Thanks for sharing! Will definitely try this one.

  8. @Christofher JoyI think it will taste good. But add more garlic to get more garlic taste. And also some grated cheese on top would be good

  9. hi aarthi , first of all your baby look cuty , just want to ask , my unty says that the oil should be put little by little or else mayo will get curdle

  10. Hi Aarthi

    What is the shelf life for this mayo?
    How do we preserve this? Since egg yolk is used I am concerned.


  11. amazing recipe aarthi..thanks a looot...hv always wanted to make this home but never knew how..u are awesome..

  12. @AnonymousU can store it in a air tight container in fridge for 2 to 3 days.

  13. @AnonymousThat method is when you make mayo with hand whisk. This is the easier option and more quicker way of doing mayo

  14. I tried many of ur recipes wht were really good but this just curdled. can u pl.give some tips & exact weight of egg yolks

  15. @AnonymousThat is egg yolks from two large eggs. Check the notes section in this post.

  16. Can this be kept in the fridge for atleast a week or more?

  17. @AnonymousNo it stays good for two to three days

  18. Eggless version plzzzz....i tried mine with white sauce...but failed😡😡

  19. How to make eggless mayo.. I m vegetarian. .

  20. your recipes are really great..I have tried many and they have turned out to be really good....thanks for sharing....

  21. Hi..Can we use curd instead of lemon.

  22. @JeniferNo you can't use curd, you must add lemon juice or vinegar

  23. I like your recipes very much. Keep d good work.

  24. Nice recipe with step by step picture. Good work. http://savispassions.blogspot.sg/

  25. Eggless recipe plzzzzzzz

  26. Please can u tell me how to make vegetarian meyonis. Thank u for sharing so many recipes all r so easy to make now just because of u.

  27. What kind of oil have to use ( coconut or vege or olive oil)?

  28. Thank u thank u thanks a lot... I was jus looking for dis recipe. Tried it and turned out yum.

  29. Can we use sunflower oil? I use sundrop sunflower oil for cooking....

  30. Raw egg cant b eatan especially by me.....:(
    Any other option

  31. @tasneem rahmathcheck out my eggless mayo

  32. hello aarthi . the mayo turned out bitter. half way while grinding I tasted it and was bitter so I stopped adding more oil and grinding . I followed exactly same steps so what could be the problem

  33. hey arthi it turned out bitter . what could be the problem . I stopped the process half way

  34. @Anonymousi think u must have added too must mustard, so it has made it bitter

  35. Till the second time of adding the oil it was correct... Third time I added it curdled... Then tried adding two more egg yolks... It did not work out too... Wat to do now

  36. @Sumii think u added too much oil at once

  37. @Aarsha Vijayancoconut oil will be very dominating. so use normal flavourless oil

  38. Hi my mixture is watery and curdled .... What do I do now ? Is it a waste?

  39. @Ridhwanahtake two more egg yolks and instead of adding oil this time, slowly add in the curdled mix and beat

  40. Hello Aarthi. Nice recipe. Was looking for this since long. One query pls. Can we give this to a 11month old baby as a dip for some snacks or bread sticks? Pls reply. Thanks in advance. Happy Women's day too.

  41. @Bindu Nairno i dont suggest to give this, since it has raw egg yolk

  42. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, rather such an easy recipe

  43. How to make eggless mayonnaise? Please guide

    1. check this

  44. My favorite. Will make. Thanks a bunch.

  45. Hi Aarti

    I would like to save the mayo for atleast one week as I am a working mom.

    I would like to prep the mayo in the weekend and use it through the week.

    Any ideas for that please.


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