Jun 13, 2014

Homemade Ghee Recipe / How to make Clarified Butter at Home / Desi Ghee Recipe / Clarified Butter Recipe

Ghee, Ghee, Ghee..One of my favorite ingredients to have on hand. I love to add it to so many of my curries, specially whenever i make dal i make tempering with ghee, it gives a nice flavour to the dish. I even make these ghee cookies, when i want something sweet. Ghee is such a versatile ingredient and have a long shelf life than butter. 

Now that i have started feeding rice to maha. I never miss to add ghee in her rice or dosa. Speaking of ghee, i never use store bought ghee for her. Each time i make my own ghee and store it for it. It is much more healthy and tasty. I got so many mails from my viewers to share the recipe of homemade ghee, so they can make it for their babies.I have made a huge batch of ghee on hand, so i will not be able to make a new batch now. So decided to post these pics. Sorry for the poor lighting.

This ghee is much more aromatic than your store bought ones and you will be smelling it all the time. I hope you will like it and let me know if you try it..

Preparation Time : 0 mins
Cooking Time : 30 to 40 mins


Homemade Butter - 500 grams
Drumstick leaves -  2 sprigs


Take butter in a heavy bottom pan and heat it up on medium heat. Now the butter will melt and the milk solids will separate from it and start to foam up.

Keep on heating, now the foam will subside a little and it will bubble up. The water from the butter will start evaporating and reducing.

Now the milk solid will get toasted and it will get settled at the bottom, leaving a clear gold liquid.

Now add in drumstick leaves and let them crisp up.

Once crisped, turn off the heat and let the ghee gets cool.

Once it is cooled, strain it in a air tight container.

Store at room temp.

1)Always cook butter on a low to medium heat to avoid burning.
2)You can use store bought yellow butter, i used white butter.
3)You can add some salt or curry leaves when u add drumstick leaves.
4)After draining the ghee, we mix the sediments with some cooked rice and enjoy it. It is so tasty.
5)Use thick bottom pan for cooking ghee.
6)Dont use cold butter directly on hot kadai, it may burn. Use room temparature butter

You need some butter, i used fresh white butter, you can use normal yellow butter too

take a heavy bottom pan

Add butter to it

it will melt down and start to foam up

now the foam with subside slowly and it will bubble up

now all the milk solid will start separating from it and start to toast

now the milk solids will be toasted and sink to the bottom

Now it is getting nice and clear

add in some drumstick leaves for fragrant

let them fry

they will crisp and flavour the whole ghee

now strain this and store in a bottle



  1. What is the purpose of adding drumstick leaves?

  2. I'm always seeing recipes calling for ghee - so this is perfect - thank you!

  3. Can we use Amul butter? .. Bcoz in chennai I saw only Amul butter in stores.

  4. hi da yesterday only i came to knw abt ur site its very nice and appreciates u ..im having butter which i bought in shop lik salted and unsalted butter ..so can u tel me which one can b use and thn im living in u.s.a here drumstick leaves not available so can u suggest alternative one

  5. @AnonymousUse unsalted butter. And use curry leaves instead of drumstick leaves

  6. kindly tell me what are drumstick leaves?any hindi name for it?

  7. Aarthi,

    Thank you for the post.BTW,from where did you get the bottle?

  8. Can we add bay leaves for flavour

  9. @Anonymousin ghee they dont use bay leaf

  10. Hi.. How long I can keep this air tight container ghee? Thanks

  11. Can I keep in room temperature r keep it in fridge?

  12. @shobayou can store this in room temp

  13. @Sadaf Farooquiit is a kind of spinach leaves from drumstick plant

  14. Is it ok if I don't use drumstick leaves?

  15. @Rezina Nazneenyes u can leave out drumstick leaves as well

  16. drumstock adds flavor.

    a pich of rock sale will increase flavour and improve shelf life

  17. Strained the ghee after adding curry leaves

  18. Hi aarthi strained the ghee after adding drumsticks leaves

  19. Strained the ghee after adding curry leaves

  20. Friends please don't forget to put raagi powder after removing ghee from kadai what leftover into it's very tasty


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