Aug 22, 2014

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe / 6 Layer - Rainbow Birthday Cake - Maha's 1st Birthday Cake

I was planning for maha's birthday for atleast past two months. We are taking a grand birthday party on sep 8th which is on maha's star birthday, so i decided to have a small party in my house on her date of birth.I wanted to make all the foods as well the cake for maha. So i planned for a week and decided the menu. I planned to make gulab jamun, vegetable samosas, jeera rice, paneer butter masala, battura, chana masala, gobi manchurian dry, mixed fruit curd rice, and fruit chat. I worked on that for 2 whole days..It was too much stressing and tiring, but when i looked at the end it was amazing, everyone loved it and dig into the food, they really enjoyed the food. I AM ONE HAPPY MOM..

I know that for a birthday party, the grant center piece is going to be a cake. I wanted to give really special cake on her birthday. I wanted to make a colourful cake for her birthday, because as a mom i wanted her first birthday and the years after that to be very colourful and joyful..So i decided to make a 6 layer rainbow cake..Since i have already made a tri colour cake, i was confident enough to make this cake..

I searched all over the net and found this recipe simple and easy. So i took that recipe and adopted to my taste and made this..It was delicious..I baked the cake a day in advance. I baked all the 6 layer cake under 1 hour. I allowed it to cool completely and wrapped it in cling film and refrigerated it. The next day morning i worked on the decoration part. Actually i wanted to do colourful roses as decoration, but the buttercream which i made was not enough to work on the frosting, so i went for a easy yet rustic home style decoration, I hope you like it..

The party is all set and when we sliced the cake, the surprise in everyone's eyes is so enjoyable..I love to see these kind of surprises..So you have to bake this cake for your loved ones birthday and enjoy the happiness they get when they slice into it..

And dont forget to keep the name of the cake as a surprise like i did, so it will be even more exciting..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 12 to 15 mins One Cake
Makes : 12 to 14 generous slices
Recipe Source: kerry


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 360 grams / 3 Cups
Sugar - 350 grams / 1 3/4 cup
Softened Unsalted Butter - 350 grams
Eggs - 6
Vanilla Essence - 2 tblspn
Baking Powder - 4 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Milk - 1/2 cup / 120 ml
Food Colouring - Red, Pink, Yellow,Blue, Green
Vanilla Butter Cream- You need a batch of this


Preheat oven to 180 Degree C.

Sift flour, baking powder, salt together and set aside.

Take soft butter, sugar, vanilla essence in a large mixing bowl and beat using a beater till it is creamy and fluffy.

Now add in one egg at a time and beat using a beater till it is fluffy.

Now add in half of the sifted flour and mix gently. Add in half the milk and fold again.

Now add in the remaining flour mix and fold gently, add in the remaining milk and fold again. Now it is properly mixed up.

Divide the batter between 6 bowls, Now add in one colour in each bowl and mix well.

Now prepare two cake pans, check this post for how to do it..

Take two coloured batter and pour in two pans.

Bake it in preheated oven for 12 to 15 mins. Dont over bake.

Let it cool for 5 mins, invert it to a cooling rack and cool it. Bake all the cake batter like this.

You can decorate it immediately as it is completely cooled or cover the cakes individually in plastic wrap and chill it over night and decorate next day.

Make vanilla butter cream frosting. Sandwich each cakes with a layer of butter cream and cover the entire cake with cream. 

Now you can decorate it as you like.


Take all your ingredients

Take flour in a sifter

Add in salt

and baking powder

sieve it well

Now take butter in a large mixing bowl..

add in sugar

add in vanilla

cream it well

once it is fluffy

add in one egg at a time and beat

i kept on adding all 6 eggs, one at a time and whipped it

now it is all flluffed up

now add in half of the flour mix

and half of the milk 

fold gently

add in remaining flour

and add the remaining milk

fold well

divide the batter between 6 bowls

Take your colours

I made pink





i added orange red colour, blue and pink to
achieve this colour

love this picture a lot

Prepare your cake pans..REFER THIS POST

Spread the batter evenly

bake it till done

I baked all six cakes, two at a time,
 allowed it to cool completely,
wrap it in cling wrap and refrigerated overnight

Now make a huge batch of BUTTER CREAM,

First place a cake 

spoon some frosting

spread evenly

place the second cake

spread some more frosting

I stacked all the cakes like this

dolloped some cream on top

spread evenly all over the cakes

all spreaded

I added pink colour and made some pink coloured butter cream

you can use normal round top itself, but i used this tip because
i planned to do a different decoration

pipe it

like this

i went on top too

then i made some green frosting

piped like this

i piped around the sides like i did for the pink one, sorry forgot to take pics,
then i used a knife to drag it to create a mixed colour effect

i did some blue pipings on the top and bottom too

slice and serve


  1. wow so much patience you have nice colorful cake

    Anu's Healthy Kitchen

  2. Mouth watering..

  3. Omg.. Such a lovely colourful cake.. God bless the little one

  4. Lovely cake arthi. You could have posted one of mahas’s picture also, that would have made it more colorful. Anyway happy b’day to the little one....

  5. hi lovely cake..y cant u do online cake trading..if ua gonna start i will ask u to make this for my boys bday

  6. wow yummy! good work Aarthy! :) Keep it up!

  7. Any substitue for egg..?

  8. Nd v make it in microwave. ?

  9. Any recipie for eggless rainbow cake.made in microwave. ?

  10. Cake is so so beautiful Arthi.... Happy birthday to maha kutty

  11. yummy and colorful,..

  12. You are a great mom. . Cake looking absolutely delicious.

  13. Wwwwwoooowwwwwww super excellent aarthi....loved the colourful idea...god bless Maha wit all joy& beautiful life....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHA....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. awesoem cake n pics...wish u happy birthday to ur lit daughter..Post name reminds like its my son birthday.U knw its my son birthday also yesterday...Ur jsut amazing Aarthi.God bless u..:)

  15. Machiiiiiii semma cake! I am sure Maha enjoyed every bite of it<3 once again happy birthday Maha kutty<3<3<3

  16. Wow wow wow!!!! Truely amazing.. Feels like tasting immediately..

  17. Looks so good and yummy. Happy Birthday to your little doll.

  18. Wiish u a wonderful birthday maha kutty.. Ur mommy gave u a delightful nd stunning cake on dis spl occasion.. njoy it.. God bless u dear angel..πŸ˜‡πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

  19. This is a beautiful birthday cake. It sounds like you prepared a wonderful birthday celebration; filled with love and joy.
    Blessings, Catherine

  20. Very beautiful .. Happy birthday to your princess!!

  21. Happy b'day Maha...amazing cake....

  22. Post birthday photos ya.. We are eagerly waiting for it

  23. @sugandhatat wil be a different recipe will share soon

  24. God Bless your cute Angel with good health and God's protection.

  25. Happy Birthday Maha!! Your mom is amazing and made a wonderful day for everyone to enjoy. Beautiful cake!

  26. Happy birthday to Maha, God bless her. Lovely cake, Visual treat for us!! Can't wait to see Maha's birthday photos

  27. Wow!!! This cake is very beautiful and the steps are very easy to follow..

    Thanks for the step by step pics for the baking-illiterate like me :)

  28. Wowww. ...awesome. ..really love d cake... thanks for sharing. ....

    Happy birthday to maha kutty!!

  29. awesome cake. canu upload maha photos tooo

  30. hi... ur dishes has helped me alot ...i love ur blog.... i had nvr tried to make cake...aftr seeing ds rainbow cake..i wish i must try ds... ma question s..hw much tym it takes to bake de cake...n ll ths color powder gives taste to de cake...

  31. Happy birthday maha

    Lovely cake,neat slices,all the best

  32. @AnonymousEach cake takes 12 to 15 mins to bake and the colours wont give any taste

  33. Hi aarthy,
    The cake looks amazing. After frosting and decorations we have to keep it in fridge or not. I want this cake on Saturday. Then on Thursday I can bake, Friday decorations and then keep it covered outside or needed to be in fridge again. Please reply quick aarthy.

  34. Hi Aarthy,
    Cake looks good. I need this cake on Saturday.Can i bake the cake on t
    thursday and do frosting on Friday?
    Also after decorations shall i want to cover and keep in room temperature or into the fridge?

  35. @P ShankarYou can keep it outside covered in a air tight container.

  36. @Dhivyayes u can do, keep it in a air tight container

  37. Is there any alternative to eggs?

  38. Superb.. I actually plan to do this for my son aarav's bday. (Jan 18).. I love your blog. picture presentation is great. Can u differentiate between baking soda and baking powder. ?

  39. @valar mathiBaking soda makes cake soft and baking powder makes it rise

  40. Hi Aarthi, loved this colourful cake...Can u pls tell me..How can I bake 2 cakes at a time?? Is it pssble to bake it in 28ltrs Lg microwave oven??

  41. super delicious.. wow.. hats off for ur patience..

  42. I made the cake according to your recipe yesterday for my brothers 18th Birthday. I was very happy with how it turned out. The surprise element of when you cut into it is just awesome. I could not achieve the brown colour on mixing those four colours, and too much of icing overall made it too sweet for our taste, but it is the best looking cake I have made so far. Check it out:

  43. Thank u so much aarthi for d recipe...gonna try dis..I hope mine will turn out half as nice as yours....

  44. Nice work aarti...dis cake actually need a lot of time n patience...its very beautiful...loved it..tx fr sharing d recipe...dat too wid pictorial steps...

  45. Hi Aarthi

    I was thinking of making it for my husband's bday next week... Is it a moist cake?? Or cud u suggest me any of your cake recipes which is really moist other than chocolate cake coz i have already made that... Pls do respond soon... :)

  46. @Vidya Udayno it is not moist cake. you can check out my pineapple cake, honey cake, carrot cake, they are moist

  47. hi, Aarthi i just want to know can i use butter milk instead of milk because i've stored butter milk after making cake last time??

  48. @Anonymousno it will affect the texture. u have to use milk. because milk and buttermilk are entirely diff

  49. Ok tknx πŸ˜ƒ

  50. Hi you have baked two cakes at a u kept the remaining batter which is not baked leaving at room temperature itself or in the fridge

  51. Approximately how many cups did you get to divide equally??i want to do 4 layer and can I use the same measurements???

  52. 350 grams of butter equals to how many tablespoons or cups??

  53. @Nazreenyes u can do four layers, just divide it into four bowls and bake

  54. Cake looks yummy..What food colour did I use...

  55. Hi dear

    I wanna bake dis cake plz help me with pan size.

  56. Cake looks awesome plz help me with pan size

  57. @gracei used a 18 cm round baking pan

  58. Hai Aarthy.. Wish to know how did u bake 2 cakes at same time?

  59. @Akhilamy oven is little big. it can fit 2 cakes in it

  60. Hi, I am regular viewer of ur page..thanks for ur wonderful recipes.I have some queries abt this recipies .pls help me.
    1.can I back each layer in 20cm (8*3inch) round tin.
    2.only one pan can bake at a time in my OTG oven.each tym it take around 30 mins in my can I store remaining batter for 3 hours..pls help me.
    Thanks in advance..

  61. @AnonymousYes u can bake in that tin too. But never over bake, it takes just 12 to 15 mins to bake this. just cover the batter and store. it keeps well

  62. can we use oil inplace of butter? coz u have used oil in tricolour cake. Please suggest.?

  63. @rohini murthycreaming butter and sugar till it is light and creamy will make this ssoft and fluffy

  64. Hi Aarthi,

    Ur recipe looks awesome...I want to try it but can u tell me from.where i can buy food colors. Any online local stores have only orange and green color. Pls reply..

  65. Hii Aarthi,
    Thank u for the awesome recipes..this cake looks yummy...i wanted to make it for my daughter... I m not getting all the food colors in local store. Can u suggest from where i can buy food colors(any online shop) and also from where i can get unsalted butter. Pls suggest. Waiting for ur comment.


  66. @Asmau can look in or ebay

  67. @Asmau can get unsalted in supermarkets. If you cant get unsalted, use salted ones but skip the salt in the recipe

  68. Where did you get your food colours and how much did it cost??..

  69. aastha1410@yahoo.comJuly 10, 2016 at 2:16 PM

    Did you make all the 6 colours together? Since you baked only 2 cake together so did you prepare the battery in batches? Any substitute for egg

  70. I just loved your cake Aarthi. I would like to prepare the same on my son's birthday, can you please tell how to make a eggless rainbow cake?

  71. Aarthi this is the prettiest cake i have ever seen. Its not that I am trying to flatter you, but this is really a very pretty creation beacuse a lot of love and affection has got into it. In fact I love all the cakes that you have posted in your blog. I can see that you have used liquid food colour for the cake batter; have you used these for the buttercream also?

  72. Hi Aarthi, can you tell me the weight of the final cake?

  73. Hi,The cake looks very inviting. :).Eager to try it out.I have a convection microwave oven.So I can bake only one cake at a time.When the first one is baking,can the remaining 5 be outside ? Will it disturb the quality of the cake?

  74. Hi,I really loved all your recipes. I want to make this rainbow cake for my daughter second birthday.. can I bake these mix in pressure cooker instead of oven. I have a grilled oven only. Pls give me some idea ..

  75. Hi, I really loved your recipes. I had tried lots of ur recipes and it came out really well.. I want to make this beautiful rainbow cake for my daughter's second birthday on Feb 18.. can I bake these mix in pressure cooker instead of oven. I don't have a convection model oven I have grilled one only.. pls give me some ideas to bake the cake..


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