Apr 9, 2015

Healthy Biscuits for Babies - Teething Biscuits - Finger Food for Babies

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Many of you have been asking to share baby teething biscuit recipe, I have been giving maha milk bikis or marie biscuits daily. But somedays i like to make some homemade cookies or biscuits for her. For babies it is not recommended to add any rising agent like baking soda or powder. So it is best to go for a shortbread kind of cookies.

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Oneday i thought of making a wheat cookies with ghee. First i thought of adding jaggery in the cookies, but i was confused that if i need to add jaggery it has to be melted and strained. So i was not sure whether that liquid will make a perfect cookie. So i thought of adding panangkarkandu which is also called as rock sugar. I added some ginger powder for flavour and the cookies turned out brilliant..

Hope you will give this a try and not only your baby, you too can enjoy this healthy and tasty one.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 12 to 14 mins
Makes : 20 Biscuits


Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup

Rock Sugar / Panangkarkandu - 1/2 cup Powdered
Ghee - 1/4 cup
Dry Ginger Powder / Chukku Podi - 1/2 tsp
Milk - 2 to 3 tblspn



Preheat oven to 180 degree C.

Take ghee and sugar in a bowl. Mix well. Add in milk and mix well till creamy.

Now add in dry ginger powder and mix well.

Add in flour and knead to a dough. Add milk if needed.

Now roll this between two sheets of plastic wrap.

Trim of the egdes and cut into strips.

Remove it carefully using a spatula and place on a foil lined baking sheet.

Bake it for 12 to 14 mins till golden. It will be soft when you take from oven, it will harden as it cools down.

Let it cool completely. Now store this in a air tight container for a week.

This is called panangkarkandu / rock sugar..I used 
this as the sweetner in this cookies,
you can use sugar or jaggery too

Take rock sugar in a blender

Powder it finely

These are the ingredients which you need, 
you also need some milk
first take ghee in a bowl

add in sugar

mix well, as you see the mix is thick,

so i added few tblspn of milk

now it is all creamy

as a flavouring, i added some ginger powder 
which is so good for babies..

add in wheat flour

knead this to a soft dough..Add more milk if needed

i spread some plastic wrap and placed the dough over it

cover the dough with another sheet of plastic wrap

roll it out

i trimmed the egdes and made it into a square shape

now i cut it into strips like this

then divided it into half

removed each cookie with a spatula

placed it on a foil lined baking sheet

Now it is baked

Once it is cooled, you can store it in air tight container
 for a week.


  1. So nice Thnkyou for posting

  2. Apart from ginger powder an other things

  3. Hi Arthi
    is rock sugar "kalkkandam"?

  4. @Shebayes u can use kalkandu too. but this is panangkarkandu

  5. @Renukadevi JYou can use cinnamon powder and cardamom powder

  6. wat is did sugar cn i use d regular norml one ??

  7. Hi Aarthi. This is my first comment. Ur posts are really helpful for all learners. I have a question can I use oil instead of ghee? Plz reply me. Thanks.

  8. How to make them on stove pls tll me

  9. Hi aarthi,
    Your recipes are awesome.. Keep going.. I follow ur blog regularly.. I have a doubt.. Wheat flour you have used in this recipe is homemade or store bought? Also can we give porridge to babies by using store bought wheat flour? We buy aashirvaad multi grain flour for us. Can we give this to babies?

  10. Aarthi at first am fan of ur blog... thanks for sharing such wonderfull recepies... 2nd can i use non stick tray (provided along with the purchase of microwave oven) instead of foil paper.... b.coz i dont have one... if foil is must... let me is it plain foil paper or something specific for baking...

  11. @rashpinkThank you. It is plain foil paper. If you have a non stick pan, you dont need to line it with foil.

  12. @kamalaIt is store bought wheat flour, Yes u can use store bought wheat flour.

  13. Hi aarthi thanks for ur receipe. Am not having oven in my home. Could u pls tel me how to make it in stove. I wish to give it to my baby.

  14. @AnonymousYou can make it in a pressure cooker

  15. i tried bt thy became vry hard aftr cooled down.wat cn b d reason

  16. @AnonymousU must have baked for long time. try reducing the baking time next time

  17. Hi arathi...your posts had been very helpful to me...I like this post also...i have a doubt whether these biscuits will be too hard without baking powder.

  18. @Anonymousit will be little hard, but still buttery.

  19. Hi Aarti,

    For What time do we need to bake this? At what temperature?


  20. @Anonymousit is mentioned in the written part of the recipe

  21. I tried these n thy bcame vry hard .had to throw them. :(

  22. Hi, is there any alternate method of cooking these cookies with gas stove as i dont have an oven.

  23. Refer this link to make biscuits in pressure cooker


  24. Hi.. I m preparing cookies for first time .. When I tried it some cookies are burnt. I used micro+conv mode and by 7th min it was burnt... Help me to make it in perfection

  25. @Shaktididi you make cookies in convection mode.

  26. hi,

    can I use demerara sugar in this recipe. will there be any changes in the quantity of demerara sugar, should I increase or decrease the amount.

  27. Hi..
    I do not use normal adult milk for my baby, I am using Similac formula for her. Can i use that instead of adult milk ?? Please reply

  28. @Aarthi

    Aarthi, can you pls guide on process using the convection mode, at what temperature and timing for convection mode? Thanks!

  29. @Khushboo Jainsame timing and temp for convection oven as well

  30. Hi Aarthi how long can I store these biscuits? And is an air tight container the best way?

  31. @Anonymousyou can keep it for a week. Yes air tight is best

  32. Can I give this to my 7 month old baby that eats only puréed food so far?

  33. Hi aarthi,
    This biscuits came out tasty and rich,me and my husband having more than my baby,

    Daania khalith

  34. Hi aarthi
    Can I add banana fruit to this mixture..jus for the taste..or shud I use aroma.please advise.

  35. pls let me whether measurement of sugar is powdered one or raw one for all cookie receipe..

  36. Hi if this for infants below 9m can v replace milk to formula milk

  37. Hi, can water be added instead of milk?

  38. can i use oats flour instead of wheat flour?

    1. yes u can, but you need to add some wheat flour too.

  39. My son likes salty biscuits.do you have any such recipe

  40. Hi I followed this recipie but after baking for 15 minutes the biscuits break while removing. How to fix it.

    1. Cool the biscuits before removing from tray.

  41. Can this be given to 6 month old baby?

  42. Can you suggest tawa method for tis?


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