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  1. one of my dad's boss one english lady told me this, that u boil the rice in lots of water and once its 3/4th done just drain out excess water. that way rice also looks separate each grain and it tastes wonderful.
    bt me always in hurry so my rice gets mushy at times. hehe but ur step by step pictorial guide is awesome

  2. WOW!its very simple i like these easy process I enjoy reading websites like these. It has been an great source of info. I could not locate sites like these. Thanks once again.

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  3. Thanks. Very useful. U mentioned that you can now use the rice for your recipes. I just want to cook briyani rice.: maybe with chicken. How do I go about the next step?

  4. Hi Aarthi. what can be the substitute for a colander.any other way to remove water from the rice?

  5. If we are cooking 4 cups of rice for biryani, how much salt do we add – 8tbsps? I always end up not adding enough salt. And if we are cooking biryani in dum style, we cant add it towards the end. So it's always a dilemma for me.

    And btw your dishes are yummy.. you are a great cook!! Lucky to have found you 🙂

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