May 31, 2011

Calzone Stuffed with Mushroom and Cheese

Calzone with Mushroom and Cheese
Hope everyone had a great long weekend..Todays recipe is gonna be calzone..For those who had not heard of this “Calzone is a folded pizza that is stuffed with your favorite veggies and baked”.This dish is originated in italy..This is pretty simple to make..Infact you could stuff some chicken filling inside and do the same..or any filling will do..As you can see I made a couple of big calzone,if you are making this for parties you could make small ones and serve as a appetizer.Traditionally the filling is cooked first and filled,But I added it raw and I liked that way(it is easy that way)...They use Marinara sauce in it but I used tomato ketchup.This makes life easier and it came pretty great...So hope you try this and let me know what you think.


For Dough:

All Purpose flour-2 cup
Yeast-1 tblspn
Sugar-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Warm Milk-1 cup or as needed
Olive oil-1 tblspn

For Filling:

Onion-1 sliced
Mushroom-1 cup sliced
Capsicum-1 sliced
Tomato Ketchup- ½ cup
Garlic-1 tblspn minced
Salt to taste
Pepper-1 tsp
Cheese-1 cup grated


Preheat the oven to 200° C(400° F).

Mix tomato ketchup with minced garlic and set aside.

Take flour in a bowl and mix salt with it.Mix yeast,sugar with warm milk and set it aside till it foam up.Mix the flour with the yeast water till it forms a soft dough.Apply oil in it and cover it..Set this aside in a warm place till it doubles in size.

When it doubles,knock out the air and knead the dough for 3 min.Divide it into two equal portions and set it aside.

Roll one dough into round shape...Apply the garlic ketchup generously on the rolled dough.Add onions,mushrooms,capsicum,salt,pepper on one side of the rolled dough.Sprinkle cheese generously over the veggies.Fold the dough so that it forms a semi circle shape.Seal the edges.Apply some oil on top of the calzone..

Do exactly same to the other dough.Place both the dough in a well oiled baking tray and set it in the preheated oven.

Cook for 35-40 min till the top become golden in colour.

Remove it from the oven and apply some butter on the top so that the top looks glossy.

Cut it half and serve..

Ingrediants for filling
Mix garlic with ketchup

Mix salt with flour

Add yeast and sugar with milk

Pour this over the flour

Mix well

apply oil over this
Spread it evenly
Cover with a damp cloth

Let it rise

Knead well

Divide into two equal portions

Take one ball

Roll it and apply some tomato sauce over this

add your veggies and mushrooms

season with salt and pepper

Add some cheese on top

Fold it

Press the edges

Put it in a baking tray

apply some oil

Bake it

Smear some Butter on top till glossy.
Cut in half and serve..


  1. Love the recipe very much mainly your step by step presentation..I am going to try this next weekend..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  2. Very new recipe to me...sounds interesting n looks so inviting...bookmarked!!! Not able to post comment in many blogs...trying this 4th time

  3. Wow!! Nice one...looks perfect. Lovely clicks.

  4. wow nice presentation...nice chessy yummy dish...

  5. Mouthwatering Calzone! Very well explained! Love it!

  6. hey nice recipe....i love that u added garlic in ketchup.......i do dat wen i make pizza sometime...tastes yummy

  7. I love calzones but have never tried making my own. I'll definitely give it a shot now since you've made these look so tasty!

  8. mmmmmmm looks delicious! thanks for sharing all of that pictures, i will try it as soon is possible :)

    have a nice day,

  9. Hi,love ur recipes,can we do this in microwave in convention mode.

  10. @AnonymousYes u can do this in convection mode

  11. Hi,
    This is the first recipe I tried from your blog.It came out outstanding!!!Looking forward to try more of your recipes:)
    Thank you so much.Thanks for putting pictures also of the steps.It really helped:)

  12. If I wan to add chicken pieces, do I just add them as raw or half cooked?

  13. Substitute for mushrooms

  14. At what temperature should we bake?

  15. I have tried this a number of times and each time I m getting better at this


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