Oct 13, 2011

Kadala Theeyal ( Chana cooked in a Spicy Roasted Coconut Gravy)

I am really excited today....Can you guess why..Because there is only one more day for weekend..Hurray!! Who doesn’t expect their weekends right...

Today’s recipe is amma’s signature recipe..Amma makes this more often..This theeyal comes alive during a festival..

we celebrate a local car festival on late November(I think)..During that peoples in our street(including my mum) wakes up so early in the morning (even before the sun is awake) and gets ready for this..

Since they don’t get time to cook anything, what they will do is they make puliyogare and this kadala theeyal the previous day itself..These two dishes survive well the next day or even a couple of days if made properly..

So after the tiring festival(yes they expose so much to hot sun and walk so long in that), people return home starving like anything.The first which they do is eat..I can tell you this taste like heaven during those days...

For your information..I never go for that festival since I am little bit allergic to crowd and sun..He He..

Enough with stories I think..So off you go for the step by step recipes with pictures..


Kala Channa-2 cups dried
Shallots / Sambar Onion / Chinna Ulli- 10
Tamarind- 1 small lemon size mixed with water.
Onion Vadakam-5(optional)
Dried Turkey Berry / Chundaikai-2 tblspn(optional)
Dried Cluster Beans / Kothavarangai -15(optional)
Gingelly Oil / Oil- ¼  cup
Salt to taste
Curry leaves-a handful

For Roasting and Grinding:
Coconut-1 cup
Dry Red chilli-7
Coriander seeds or Coriander powder-3 tblspn


Soak Channa over night..Take this in pressure cooker and add in 5 cups of water..Season with salt and pressure cook for 3 whistles and simmer for 30-40 mins...Turn off the flame and let the pressure go all by itself..Open the pressure cooker and check whether the channa is cooked..It should be very soft when pressed..Set this aside..

Heat oil in a kadai..Add in dry red chilli and fry for 1 min..Now add in coconut and fry this till it get golden brown..It should take around 10 mins.Now turn off the flame and add in coriander powder and mix well..Let this cool down.Now blend this into a smooth paste by adding some water.

Heat oil in a kadai and add vadakam,turkey berry,cluster beans and fry for 2 mins.

Add in shallots and fry for a min..Now add in cooked channa and mix well..

Add in the ground masala and mix well..Add in tamarind water and mix well

Pour in required amount of water and bring that to boil..Season with salt and mix well..

Cover it and simmer for 20-25 mins or until oil separates from the mixture..

Now fry some curry leaves in oil and pour that in..

Serve hot with rice..

Take all your ingrediants

All dried goodies..I know it looks weird..But it gives unique flavour to the dish
Channa is cooked to perfection
Heat oil and fry chillies

add in coconut

fry it

till it reaches like this

add in coriander powder

and mix well

take it in a blender

make it into a fine puree
now fry dried stuffs in oil

till it gets golden too..

add in onions..

fry till golden

add in cooked channa

and in the ground masala

pour in tamarind

And mix well

season with salt

Bring that to boil..Please note the foam over the gravy

Cover and simmer

can you see the foam has vanished and oil is separating..This is sign that shows the gravy is done

fry some curry leaves in oil

pour it over the curry

I know it looks stunning


  1. whoa !!! that looks to die for. Love the color, paste everything, amazing, very new recipes. Please also free to send it to my coconut event. this fits the bill.

  2. It´s a delicious dish. You´re explained perfectly well.
    A greeting!!

  3. theeyal looks mouthwatering....love the dark brown color...just the way i like it...yum

  4. Super delicious fingerlicking theeyal,inviting..

  5. what an awesome curry, luv all the exotic flavors going in there....

  6. Could be your greatest piece I have seen

  7. I love the brown dish.Is that earthware?

  8. wow.. gravy looks awesome.. liked your step by step pictorial very much... you put in so much effort... keep up the good work...

  9. Extremely tempting theeyal with channa.This makes me bit nostalgic and a sense of craving builds up..Nice work Aarthi.

  10. Hey Aarthi...... I love this dish so much..

  11. Aarthi, oh! it looks so delicious. Lovely presentation.

  12. yummy theeya...doing in earthern pot gives yummy taste!

  13. MMMMM,..;your dish looks utterly tasty! :)

    thanks for visiting my blog so that I could discover yours!

    What is channa? Looks intruiging!

  14. @Sophie..Channa is what you call as Chickpeas

  15. @Dzoli you are right..It is earthware

  16. Mmm, this looks delicious! It looks like you have lots of good stuff cooking over here. Thanks for coming by to visit. It's great to meet you :)

  17. perfet with hot rice nd curd..looks prfect nd tempting..

  18. The coconut gravy sounds lovely. I love chickpeas too!

  19. I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog. Soup looks yummy.

  20. another traditional one...loved it...delicious recipe
    Event: Kerala Kitchen

  21. Mention coconut gravy, and you have my full, undivided attention! This one sounds like heaven.

  22. Where will you get cluster beans,turkey berry.Will you get this in the kerela shop!!!

  23. @AnonymousYes i think you can get in any indian shops

  24. Yummy!!
    Where can I find the dried stuff that you put before adding the channa's?
    Are these available in the South Indian grocery place in Canada?

  25. @Tina ChahalYes it will be available..Look in the papad and vadam section

  26. Really your receipes are very yummy . I like it very much. Easy simple and yummy. Thanks aarthi


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