Mar 18, 2012

South Indian Filter Coffee / Degree Coffee/ Perfectly Brewed Coffee(Indian Style) – Perfect Way to Start a Day and a Century Old Coffee Story

I have so many coffee addicts in my house including my sister, my mom and me..I am not that much addicted to coffee but if i like to have some coffee, it should be a perfect cup of filter coffee..There many be so many electronic coffee filter available in market now, but nothing compared to the traditional filter which is used for centuries. In our house we have a coffee filter which my mother got for her marriage from my grandma..She is now planning to give it to me, thats what i call tradition..

Now coming to the story part..My grandpa is a coffee lover, I mean he is mad about coffee. believe it or not, he used to make his own coffee every single morning, he is that much addicted to it..What he does is, he buys the best quality coffee beans from a special place, actually i forgot that place name..That place has it fresh beans in market..Then he roast it in a thick bottom karahi , which he has only for roasting coffee beans..Then he grind that coffee in a traditional coffee grinder..All these coffee beans, karahi and coffee grinder is kept under lock and key in his supervision..My mother used to say that, whenever my grandpa starts to roast the coffee beans, she used to run to grandpa and sneak few coffee beans into her mouth, so my grandpa used to make this when kids are not around him...He is a complete coffeeholic, doesn't he...

 My grandpa stays infront of the saucepan in the early morning stiring his milk in a very very low flame for hours to make it thick...He makes the coffee from the thick first decotion..Some of the decotion will be left from that batch and their kids( my amma, aunties and uncles) used to fight for that..There is one little bandit in that gang, who is my uncle..During those days the whole family sleeps in a big room laying some bedsheets in the floor..My uncle and my elder aunty always fight for the coffee which is made from the leftover decotion which my grandpa used to have..What my uncle does is he keep the pillow below the bedsheet and wakes up without making any noise..My aunty wakes up and sleep again seeing that my uncle is still asleep..But my uncle will take that cup of coffee and wakes my aunty and make funny faces at her..Isn't that funny. My mother is the last child, so she wakes up so late..What she gets is a cup of hot water kind of coffee...HA HA HA..

 So ending with this coffee story...I know you also have so many coffee story within ur family..I would love to hear, if you share that...


Coffee Powder – 3 tblspn ( Not the instant kind)
Sugar as needed
Milk as needed
Boiling water – ½ cup


Take the traditional filter strainer. Add coffee powder on the top portion which has small holes in it. Now cover it with the pressing handle which they give with that. Pour boiling water over the coffee powder and cover it with a lid.

Leave it aside for 15 mins. Now all the thick coffee decoction will be collected in the bottom container.

Now boil milk in a sauce pan. Add some sugar and simmer it for 10 mins..This makes the milk thicker and creamier.

Now take milk in a small bowl. Add required amount of the decoction and mix well. Pour it from a height so that it foams up.

Pour it into individual glasses and serve hot.

Points you should remember while making coffee:

1) You can make so many level of coffee decotion, once the first decotion has collected in the container..You can pour some boiling water and get the second decotion. But nothing taste like the firstly brewed coffee..
2) Use thick milk that what gives the real cup of coffee. Never add water to the milk while making coffee..
3) Always keep your coffee filter clean. Soak the filter in boiling water. Use a sharp needle to clean the coffee filter holes.
4)If you wish to store the decoction, add a tsp of sugar in it and store in fridge in a air tight container.

You will need fresh coffee powder, this is not the instant kind

This is our century old coffee filter

stack it up

add coffee powder in it

cover with the pressing handle

pour boiling water

and cover it up...leave it alone

all drained up..Now you are left with the.......

Thick Thick coffee decotion

They smell so fresh
No heat your milk

add sugar and mix well..

Simmer it for few that it gets creamy and thick

add a cup of milk in a bowl

spoon some coffee decotion...This is based on how strong you need your coffee

mix well..Pour from a height into the cup so that it foams up..


  1. can we save this decotion for some tym in fridge!

  2. ohhhh!!!!wat a lovey coffee dear.i fell in luv vth this glass.........plz have 1 behalf of me dear...

  3. That's an interesting coffee story. Your coffee filter is very cute, traditional and must be an antique by now.

  4. I do not roast my own coffee beans, but I am sure that if I did I would never go back to buying it already roasted! It sounds amazing and I do love a good cup of coffee. Sometimes I wonder if "old style" tastes better than the new electric coffee brewers. Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. Though not a regular coffee drinker... I cannot resist grandma's filter coffee...
    Serve It - Stir Fried

  6. coffee looks wonderful deliciously done

  7. Missed this in my list during my vacation... Love the smell of filter coffee..

  8. One of my friend is a Tamilian ............ I love to have filter coffee when I used to visit her .........but now we both lives very far & seeing ur filter coffee pic I really missed her ........... any way good pic ............ Coffee with newspaper ...........

  9. this looks great. thanks for sharing!!

  10. Dear Aarthi, There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  11. Aarthi, nice write up. I too a lover of filter coffee.

  12. Oh i love this so much!

  13. Oh i love this coffee So much

  14. @Surabhi Nayakya you can store this in a air tight container. Add a tsp of sugar in the decoction and store it

  15. Hey Aarthi,thanks for the post.It's helpful and so meaningful to read..Hugs,

  16. flavourful and lovely coffee..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  17. Filter coffee is a great start for the day. Awesome.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,

  18. Wow, a coffee can also be a part of post.

    Wonderful aarthi.
    Hema's Adugemane

  19. love your post and detailed tutorial.eager to make south indian filter coffee now..thanks for the post dear..


  20. Refreshing coffee, love to have this any time of the day

  21. my favourite too but no chance to have it.. nice blog.. first time here.. do check my space at your spare time
    Noel collections

  22. wow...luvd ths... i'll 've to hunt fr that filter sumwher here n dubai soon

  23. this post has me craving a glass of hot filter coffee! loved reading that cute story :)

  24. Wow....I am coffee lover too ;-)Next time when I go to India I shall make sure to get this Filter for myself!!!

  25. I loved reading the story of your uncle fighting for the decoction :)

  26. Aarthi you truly are a gem, you site is soo good that I have a tough time leaving it. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the filter coffee recipe~Lisa

  27. Aarthi, should we add sugar to the fresh milk that is not boiled or should we add sugar after the milk is boiled?

  28. @SangeethaI add it along with the milk and boil it.

  29. What brand coffee powder do u use.

  30. Thank you so much...was wanting to learn how to make filter are a saviour

  31. Thanks ..wanted to learn how to make filter are a saviour

  32. Perfect! I sort of found this recipe on my own by experimenting a bit. But I would have been glad if I had seen this 15 days back :-)

    Good job.


  33. the early morning aroma makes my day, even outside india i dont hesitate to spend some extra time making milk and sugar filter coffee.i am currently using jayanthi coffee for almost 5 years, my friends get it to me from india which has 15% chikory. I love the aroma.


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