Apr 5, 2012

Vanilla Caramel MilkShake – Summer Special Recipes

Its so hot here..If it continues I think I couldn’t survive in this world. But cool cool watermelons and lemonade is making me a bit happy..This shake is my new savior..I am loving it so much. This has a unique flavour from the caramel which we add here..

 I hope you will love this a lot and let me know what you think..

Recipe Source: Rak’s kitchen


Milk – 1 cup
Sugar – 2 tblspn
Vanilla Essence – ½  tsp
Vanilla Icecream – 2 scoops
Sprinkles for garnishing


Start by making caramel. Take sugar in pan and add a tblspn of water and heat it up on high. Let the caramel bubble up untill it gets dark and golden. Don’t stir the pan, just swirl the pan. Add some vanilla essence in and mix well. Caramel is done.

Take milk in a blender, add caramel over that along with icecream and blend it.

Pour into glasses and garnish with some sprinkle.

Serve immediately.


Take all your ingrediants
Add sugar in a pan

add a splash of water

let it bubble up

untill it turn golden

add vanilla

and mix well

caramel done

add milk in a blender

pour in caramel

and some scoops of icecream

whiz it up

Pour yourself in a glass and enjoy...


  1. Refreshing and cool drink !!!!

  2. delicious drink and refreshing for the hot climate.

  3. looks creamy and delicious, perfect for summer indeed!

  4. looks great!!! kids love it!!!

  5. looks great!!! kids love it!!!

  6. looks great!!! kids love it!!!

  7. Looks yummy and what we need right now.

  8. yummy shake...loved the new luk of ur blog

  9. really tastyy n yummy one.looks nice.


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