Jun 9, 2015

Fudge Chocolate Icing Recipe / Fudgy Chocolate Frosting Recipe

Yesterday i made a steamed chocolate cake recipe, after making that, i thought of making a quick glaze to pour over it. When i searched in google i came across this recipe. it was so simple, i tried it immediately and it turned out to be so fudgy and so yummy.

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This icing is a pourable one than a spreadable. But once you pour it over cakes or cupcakes or cookies, it sets over them like a crackable chocolate. But still taste fudgy and chocolaty when you bite into them. So give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 1 mins
Makes : 1 cup of icing


Unsalted Soft Butter - 2 tblspn
Icing Sugar / Confectioners Sugar - 3/4 cup sifted
Cocoa Powder - 1.5 tblspn to 2 tblspn
Water - 1 tblspn
Sugar - 1.5 tblspn


Take sugar, butter and water in a sauce pan. Heat on low heat till it is all melted.

Now take icing sugar and cocoa in a bowl and mix well using a whisk.

Add in the chocolate liquid and whisk well. It will get thick and creamy.

Set aside to cool. It will get thicker as it cools.

Use in your cakes.

Take all your ingredients
First take butter in a sauce pan

add in little sugar

add in little water

melt it down

now take icing sugar in a bowl

add in cocoa

whisk it really well

pour the melted butter mix in

whisk well

whisk till it is creamy

Now you can see the consistency is very runny

but as it cools, it will get thick

look how thick it has got now

you can use this to ice your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and anything

This frosting or icing is seriously addictive..


  1. What a simple frosting recipe Aarthi! Tried it today and it turned out to be amazing! This was my first attempt at frosting a cake. Thanks to you it came out fantastic. My family just loved it. Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe.

  2. Can I let it cool down and then pipe it on cupcakes?

  3. Aarti ji could u plz post the recipe of moong daal halva on ur page....thanks in advance

  4. Hi aarathy, im a big fan of your food blog. I too have a two year old daughter. I made your vanilla cake today and did this frosting. I want to know if I should keep the left over cake on the fridge to use tomorrow or can I keep it in the ac environment?

  5. @Anonymousu can keep it in a air tight container in fridge, next day take it out few hours before serving

  6. Hii..Aarthi wanted to ask you about the icing sugar.. what exact is that can we replace it with normal sugar?

  7. Can i replace icing sugar with powdered sugar??


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