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  1. I simply like your blogging spirit Aarthi. Step wise clicks for all recipes should be too hard but you make it sound so simple. Love the frosting idea.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful chocolate frosting Aarthi. I am somewhat a fiend for all things chocolate and I like that you have used honey instead of regular granulated sugar. I will try this on my next cake….very soon. Great recipe!

  3. I always wanted to bake a chocolate cake in microwave and never came across any reliable recipe… Thankyou so much… You made my day… The cake turned out just beyond perfection..

  4. Hello Arthi…. I am a great fan of yours…. But i live in small town & i can't get choclate chips here….can u suggest me any choclate bar with name… insted of choclate chips…. please rply

  5. Hi aarthi, this recipe seems to be quite yummy n easy…. I tried it but it did not thickened after chilling n stirring… Where could I be wrong? Can u help? Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Aarti,

    I just saw this blog today by chance and am totally loving it 🙂
    Your recipes are easy to do and yet the outcome looks so great! Congrats 🙂

    For this specific recipe, can we substitute cocoa powder instead of the chocolate chips? If so how much should we be using? I know cocoa powder would require more sugar than this recipe. Can you let me know how much?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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