Apr 20, 2016

Chicken Dal Recipe - Chicken Dal Curry Recipe

Oneday i visited one of my close friends place. We had such a great time and for lunch she made ghee rice and dal curry. I was surprised to see that combo, she told me that her mum always makes dal curry with ghee rice. When i tasted it, it was delicious. So yummy..

I took the inspiration from that, few days later i asked hubby to get chicken. I decided to make ghee rice and dal, at that moment i thought why not add chicken to dal. I created my own recipe and when i made it i loved the flavour a lot and it went so well with ghee rice. More over my lil one loved it to the core..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 45 mins
Serves: 4


Chicken - 250 grams with bones
Green Chilli - 2 slit
Curry leaves - 2 sprig
Tomato - 1 chopped
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Yellow Moong Dal / Pasi Paruppu - 1/2 cup
Water - 2 to 3 cups
Coriander leaves a handful finely chopped

For Seasoning:
Ghee - 1 tblspn
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam - 1 tsp
Onion -  1 large sliced thinly
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tblspn


Wash and soak moong dal for 30 mins.

Take chicken, chilli, tomato, curry leaves, salt, turmeric and water in a sauce pan. Bring it to a boil, simmer the pan, cover it and let it cook for 25 mins till the chicken is cooked.

Add in dal and continue cooking for 15 mins till dal is done.

Now make seasoning by heating ghee and add in some cumin seeds, add in onions and cook till golden. Add in ginger garlic paste and mix well. Spoon this over the dal and add coriander leaves. Mix well.

Serve with ghee rice.

Wash and soak dal for 30 mins

Take chicken in a sauce pan

add in curry leaves

add in green chillies

add in tomatoes

add turmeric powder

add salt

cook till chicken is done

now it is done

add dal

cook till dal is done

heat ghee or oil in a pan, add onions

cook till golden

add cumin seeds

ginger garlic paste

saute till done

spoon over the dal

mix well

ad lots of coriander leaves

mix well


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  1. Wow this recipe seems so simple yet delicious n perfect for a simple rainy day meal with hot hot dal chicken n some rotis.... Awesome.. Can't wait to eat it... Can't thank u enuf Aarthi for the wonderful recipes u share with us.


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