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  1. I am so happy about this recipe as it has few ingredients, doesn't take long to make and you don't have to turn the oven on high! Here in Nashville, Tennessee today it is 100 degrees F in the shade..
    What a nice simple recipe. Thanks.

  2. Sister plz help me I am nt getting the macroons,after baking its sawgy,while beating I am getting the stif peaks after few minutes the egg batter becomes foamy

  3. I Got the stiff peaks and everything was fine but all the macroons literally broke when I tried to take it out from the oven..the bottom got just stuck in the pan…I am not sure where I went wrong

  4. Hi.i guess I ended up over rose wel but in the end it sank n became brittle. How do I know when its baked perfectly

  5. Macaroons are my favorite! I just love them. I eat it especially for the tidbits of cashews. The shape shown is different. How do we get that beautiful cone shaped macaroons?

  6. Thank you for the recipe :)I have a doubt,what is the shelf life for the macaroons? If I bake it today for how many days can I store it? And can it be kept out like normal cookies or inside the fridge? Does the taste alter or will it become hard?

  7. Hi, this looks yummy 🙂 Im having one problem, how long should we beat it to make it firm because my mix is still liquidy.

  8. Hii..i tried making was all gud until it baked…after 10mins only it started becumng brown in color n after 20mins it started burning frm above.. i baked as per d instructions 180°pre heat n den 160° baking..pls tell what could b d reason??

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