Sep 16, 2011

Malabar Ghee Rice

I have been checking my blog for a while and found out that I have not posted any rice dishes for a while..So thought of posting a basic rice which travels from kerala straight to my blog...

This is a simple rice dish that is perfect with any chicken curry...I flavoured the rice with cinnamon and cardamom(which is my favorite)...

I also added some coconut milk in this which gave a nice taste and aroma to this dish..And ofcourse keralan dishes should have some form of coconut in it..

I served this dish with Chicken Tikka Masala(Recipe soon)...

There you go for the recipe


Basmati rice-2 cup
Onion-1 chopped
Green chilli-3
Ginger-1 tblspn minced
Garlic-1 tblspn minced
Cinnamon / Pattai-1  inch piece
Cardamom / Yelakai-5
Cumin seeds / Jeerakam-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Ghee / Clarified Butter / Butter-3 tblspn
Coconut milk-1 cup
Coriander leaves/Cilantro-for garnishing
Saffron colour as needed


Soak Rice for 30 mins..Drain it and set aside...

Heat ghee or butter in a heavy bottomed pan..

Add cinnamon,cumin seeds,cardamom and mix well.

Add in ginger and garlic...Fry this for 1 min.

Add in onions and green chilli and cook till golden brown..Season with salt...

Add in rice and mix well..Pour in the coconut milk and 3 cups of water and bring this to boil..

Add in saffron colour and mix well...

Cover and simmer for 15 mins or untill all water is absorbed..

Fluff it with fork...Garnish with cilantro..

Serve with your favorite curry..

Take all your ingrediants
Crackle cinnamon,cardamom,cumin seeds in ghee

add in ginger and garlic...

add in onions

and your green chilli

add some salt too...

Cook till golden brown...

add in rice
mix well....

Take your coconut milk ( I used coconut milk powder which is dissolved in 4 cups of warm water)
Pour that in

add in saffron colour....

bring this to boil

cover and simmer

till the rice is cooked and all water has absorbed...

throw in a handful of cilantro

mix well


I know you all are looking at that chicken dish...That is none other than Chicken Tikka Masala...Recipe coming soon...

I had a perfect lunch...I know you can understand that...


Laxmi said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice clicks.. looks too good..

Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

very flavourful rice, i can get the aroma here..

Dzoli said... Best Blogger Tips

I still remember when I made first time Gee;) It suits rice so well;)

são33 said... Best Blogger Tips


Archana said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! you certainly make me drool and hungry too. Beautiful.

Do check out my event and send me your entries.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

Laxmi Thanks dear

Sobha Yes it is dear...

Dzoli...Yes homemade ghee taste and smells great in this recipe...

são33 Thankyou so much for your comment

Archana I am happy that I did....

Carol mckenzie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Aarthi, I am so greatful for your recipes,it has brought a big change in my kitchen.I enjoy cooking and seving new recipes to my family. Thanks to your pictorial details.Keep cooking and posting interesting recipes forever.Awesome treat I am loving it. Carol :))

Asha said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried this ghee rice n it tasted so nice.thanks Aarthi..

BeeRay said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely! I never knew you could use coconut milk for.this. always made mine without the milk.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Superb dish.
Pictorial presentation is excellent
U r gr8

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, plz suggest 4 cups of water for 2cups of basmati rice will not make the rice mushy.,

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@AnonymousNo it wont, since u are cooking in a pot. If u use pressure cooker, use 1.5 cup of water for 1 cup rice

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx Aarthi.... Your recipes are amazing... I tried the ghee rice today.. My husband loved it..

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

thanx.superb recipe

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You have been a life saver. Have tried some of your recipes many times. For this ghee rice can I know how many spoons of coconut powder were used in that 4 cypa of water. Also does this serve 4 moderately eating people. Thanks a lot.

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymousthe coconut milk has to be thick. so use atleast 3 to 4 tblspn for 1 cup