Jan 15, 2014

Apple Sauce for Baby / Apple Puree / Pureed Apple / Mashed Apples / Apples for Babies - Baby Food Recipes / 5 Month Baby Food


Ever since i started a food blog, the one request which i get from my viewers are for baby food recipes. Those request started filling my mailbox even before i got married. That time i used to ask my relatives for ideas and reply them. I always wanted to start a baby food section in my blog. Now i too have joined with them, looking for healthy and perfect foods to feed my 5 month baby.

Each day i spend hours browsing, reading books and searching for details about what to feed my baby. And now i have gained quite a few knowlege about feeding a baby. So from today onwards i am gonna share the food which i give for my daughter maha.

I was breast feeding maha completely till her 5th month. I didn't give anything other than that, not even a drop of water. Doctors recommend this and me too. Because breast milk has all nutrients and water content which you need for your baby. So You dont need to give water.

Initially i thought of starting solid foods when she starts her 6th month. But i found that my milk is nor sufficient for her, so i have to give her something other than my milk. But if you have enough milk and your baby is feeding herself properly then i suggest you to start giving solid food after 6 month.Many doctors recommend this too. But normally babies can start taking solid food on their 4th month itself.

If you are planning to start your baby with solid food, i recommend you to start with apples. Because apples are non allergenic fruits and there are packed with tons of nutrients which is a perfect fruit to include in your babies diet. So my first baby food recipe is going to be apple puree, also known as apple sauce.

How to introduce solid food to your baby:

Read this

How to sterilize baby feeding bowls:

Start by sterilizing the bowls and spoons which you are going to feed your baby. Take the bowl and spoon in a large saucepan, cover it with water and bring them to a boil. Boil it rapidly for 5 mins. Now you can turn the heat off and leave them stay in the hot water till use.

How to do apple puree:

1)Take a nice, firm, sweet, juicy apple. Cut a small piece of apple from it and place it inside a bowl. 

2)Take a pressure cooker and fill the bottom with some water. Now place that bowl inside a pressure cooker. 

3)Cover the cooker and cook it for 8 to 10 whistle. Switch off the heat and let the steam escape all by itself. 

4)Open the cooker and remove the bowl carefully. If there is any water inside the bowl, drain that. Allow the apple to cool a bit so you can handle it.

5)Now peel the skin of the apple, since the apple is cooked, the skin just peels off.

6)Now You have two options to make apple puree. you could either mash the apple well with a spoon, add a splash of water if you wish. Keep mashing till the apple is completely mashed up. This type of mashing the apple with a spoon gives a little chunky apple puree and give the puree some texture or If you want a smooth puree, put the cooked apples in a mixer and puree it. This will give you a smooth puree.

Now pour the prepared apple sauce in the sterilized bowl, the easy part is done..Now it is your talent to feed this to your fussy fussy baby. 

The colour of this sauce may turn dark after a few mins..That is because apples tends to blacken. It is not a issue, the puree is competely safe to feed your baby

Take a fresh, sweet apple

Wash it well

Take a pressure cooker and cover the
bottom with water

Cut a piece of apple. remove all the seeds and core

Put it inside a bowl, with cut side down

Place the bowl inside pressure cooker

Cover with a lid

Pressure Cook

Cook till the apple is completely done

Peel the skin off

You can use a spoon to mash the apple completely

Keep mashing

You could add a tblspn of water and keep mashing,
This is optional

Mash till the apples are completely disintegrated..
You could serve your baby like this. This way your
apple sauce will have some texture

if you want your apple sauce smooth,
add the cooked apple in a mixer

Puree them to a smooth pulp and you are done
Always sterilize the utensil which you
are going to feed your baby

Boil the bowls and spoon in hot water
for a good 5 mins

Remove the bowl using a pot holder

Pour apple sauce in it and feed your baby

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  1. Hai Aarthi,
    I love this post a lot.U have written this post at this time when i am also thinking about weaning my son samarth who has completed 5 months now.Thanks a lot .Now i have confidence to start solid foods for my boy.Do post more recipes for baby mainly kanji type of food. Maha is looking cute.


  2. Dear Arthi. Thanks alot. Very easy to understand your step-by-step method of cooking. This is very helpful mostly for mothers like me. I used to search baby food recipe ideas in many websites, I cannot go for another sites for the same here after. Please include finger food ideas too Arthi. Thanks alot and awaiting for finger foods (my son is one and half yr old)

  3. hello, nice post, weare too on 5 months, but we start with carrot juice. way do we need to sterilize the ustensil?

  4. nice post! but my paediatrician said fruits should not be cooked as all the nutrients will be lost when cooked.

  5. Thankyou aarthi.my baby is 8 month old.please post more baby fud recipes.luv u lots

  6. thanks for this baby food recipe...
    my baby is 6 and 1/2 month old i gonna try this tomorrow thank u

  7. I appreciate ur hardwork cooking for ur baby rather than packed foods. But please make sure the utensils u cook for your baby r also clean.

  8. @Andreea-Elena C.Sterizling the vessels kill all the germs in it. So sterilizing is important for babies who are under 1 year old

  9. @ShobhaSam For babies under 7 to 8 month it is important to cook that fruit if you are making mash or porridge. But if you are giving it as juice, you dont have to cook it. Because cooked food is easy to digest.

  10. if baby has gastroesophageal reflux you can bake apple on oven. and for juice avoid yellow apple( produce gas)

  11. ok,I dont sterilize all vessel. I sterilize only when got it from shop. the vessels i cook or feed the baby it is only for baby. i make sure are always clean.
    for spoon recommand silver one or for beginnig slicon(small one). silver atack germs and keep tooth clean and mouth ... and keep away bad germs(but not all).

    why I dont sterilize? because since he/she is all days with fingers in mouth ... baby already had contact germs... Sterilize sterilize .... always ... can make a baby sick ... sick from stomach, etc

    to prepare baby food use ceramic or enamel vessels,inox vessels (i see u use inox), ceramic kniff for cutting.

    because you sterilize vessels, but ... water for sauce is boiled?

  12. @Andreea-Elena C. Thanks for the info, And i always sterilize the plastic feeding bottles in the morning, so i put all my feeding vessels in that water. And i boil the water which i use for my baby, cool it and have handy.I use that for my baby.

    But in my opinion, i recommend sterilizing baby bottles atleast for 6 to 7 months, because babies have very low immunity power and gets infection so easily.

    Its just my point of view.

  13. I did not wrote that I don't sterilize the milk bottles. for those i have a sterilizer (om steam. i don't use microwave).
    about water here in my country the water is one of best so not need boil the water always (if the analalysys of water is ok)at begining
    I had boiled the water for 5 min. but when my baby was 3,5 months old i stop boil the water, after i had talk with my doctor (which is one of the best, she had treated babies more than 25 years).
    your opinion is ok :)

    have you tried baked apple? i will next week

    all I wrote = my opinion.

    you baby is very beautiful and the eyes .. to die for them :D

  14. @Andreea-Elena C. In our place water is not that good, we have to boil even for adults. Then think about babies. I do have a uv drinking water filter. Even though i boil my water to make sure it is clean.

    I have heard about baked apples..but never tried it.. And thanks for writing me your opinion. I always love to hear viewers comments:)

  15. Aarthi this is the prefect baby food , you had shared awesome recipe with us. I would definitely prepare this soon for my 8 month old baby. Do keep posting more recipes like this.
    I also buy baby food supplements from firstcry.com. They have very good collection of baby food products.

  16. Thank you so much mam....!its help me a lot to prepare yummy foods for my 6th month old baby.You explained step by step to understand easily , it gave me confidence to make foods without thinking twice....Thank you again..God bless you..

  17. thanks for sharing this... will try thos out today :)

  18. Does the apple gets cooked without adding water

  19. Oops sorry just now read the written part

  20. Can i feed full apple per day for 6 months baby ?

  21. @Manjuif she takes one apple, you can give

  22. Aarthi, I dont have enough words to thank you for writing such wonderful blogs.I am a first time mother for my son Aiden who is going to be 6 months in 2 weeks. I happened to see your site and I was so happy to see the variety of recipes that you have listed here. I am going to try each and every one for my son. Being a mother from nuclear family, this site helps me a lot to give healthy food for my son. I am sure my mother would not have had so many options to feed me.Ah THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN. Maha is very cute and looks little naughty too XO XO XO

  23. My baby is going to complete 5 months this weekend. Can I feed him this?

  24. what foods should be given to a baby entering 4th month?

  25. @Anonymouswait for 1 more month and start after 5 month. You can give ragi, apple, banana porridge, carrot puree

  26. can i give this to 4 months baby? what solid food can be given to 4month baby?

  27. @Anonymousit is better to start solids only after 5 or 6 months.

  28. Hi Arti.. Ur blog for baby food is too good for new mums. I too am the one with my little one co.pleting her 6 months. Which is the time best for feeding apple sauce?? Is it OK if I feed in d morning??

  29. Hi Arthi, thanks for all ur wonderful recipes. I've a doubt. Wont all the nutrients go off when the apple is cooked so long? Also when can v give fresh apples without cooking to babies? Also do write about sago porridge.

  30. @Subayou can give fresh apples after 9 to 10 months

  31. Hi Arthi, thank u 4 the reply. But stil you didn't clear my doubt. Wat about the nutrients if it is cooked so long?

  32. @Subano it wont, for babies u have to cook it and give. so it will be easy to digest, since you are steaming them, the nutrients wont be lost

  33. My baby completed 5months.what food can I give her? Can I start giving cerelac?? If yes which flavor should I start?

  34. @Anonymousu can give nestum, ragi, apple sauce, banana powder. carrot puree

  35. Hi aarthi. I wanted to start a old food fofor my baby 6 months starting.starting . What food I can start for him him. Ur dall rice recipe when can I start. Can u tel me

  36. Can I give this if my baby has constipation?

  37. @Anonymousthis wont cause constipation in babies.

  38. @Aliceu can start this puree at this stage. dal rice can be given too

  39. thanks for this very useful post.. do i need to sterlise the mixer jar?

  40. @Anonymousif u want you can..i just wash it lightly with hot water

  41. Hai arthi.. My baby entering to 5th month can we give apple pure?

  42. @Anonymousyes u can give steamed apple and pear puree. cooked carrot puree also you can give

  43. Hi Arthi,
    Thank you for your step by step recipe... I have cooked in the sand way but when I tasted before giving it to my lil one I felt it was too sweet...my lil one too is not taking it bcz of that...pl help me out...

  44. @Snegamay be the apples u used are too sweet.

  45. My baby is 5 months old. I've started to give him ragi and apple puree. Can I give him carrot juice? Should I cook the carrots to make juice or directly I can make juice?

  46. @amrithau can give carrot puree. u have to cook it..check this link

  47. Can I cover a bowel ? And can I peel the
    Apple before steaming?

  48. Hi Aarthi,

    My baby is 6 months old now. I have started giving him solids from two days back and started with apple sauce.

    I have one doubt, Can I start giving him full apple??

    Thanks in advance,

  49. @Its meyes u can give full apple. it depends on how much ur baby eats

  50. Hello Aarthi :)

    Firstly, thank u for the recipe.
    Just like u i ran short of my milk supply arnd 5 months. Now i give my 6 month old son semi solids. My question is, how often should i feed him other food and how often should i nurse him in a day. Honestly... im not ready to wean him off completely.
    I think i have enough milk to feed through the day after giving outside food jus once a day. But is that ok?

    Eagerly waiting for your opinion

    Much love

  51. @Anonymousit depends on your baby. if you feel that he is hungry then increase the portion size and nurse him often

  52. Hii arthi can i add any sweetner or any formula milk powder to the apple sauce if the apple is not sweet
    waiting for your reply

  53. Thanks arthi. You are doing good work. My baby now 7 months.. I gave this apple puree but she is not eatimg well because of too sweet.. I don't know what to do..

  54. @sumathi rangasamyyou can add some formula milk in this to reduce the sweetness

  55. Hi,
    My Self Kanak
    Thanks a lot for recipe it will
    help me for my six month baby girl.

  56. Hi...
    Ma baby is gonna start with 5m nxt month can i try this out?

  57. Hi....which type of apple I can use my baby

  58. Can this puree be given at evening 5'0 clock for 15 month baby?

  59. i give formula milk in palada ( suggested by doc) when i didnt have breast milk.. i used to boil utensils not every time coz every one hour they require milk n its impossible to boil each time.. now they are six months so i use ceramic bowl to feed which i cant sterilise... anyway they have to get used to environment.. slowly exposing them to envt.. and mixie also u cant sterilise .. so i think only milk bottles need to b sterilsed always before each use and then palada once or twice daily... but make sure everything is clean ...

  60. Hi aarthi,my baby is four months old now can I give this to her and pls help me what all foods can be given to her.thanks in advance

  61. Hi aarthi;my baby is 7 month old now.I started mashed apple in 6th month...can I give 1 Apple for daily...

  62. Am Jasmine: hi aarthi;my baby is 7 month old now.I started mashed apple in 6th month...can I give 1 Apple for daily...


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