Mar 18, 2014

Carrot & Potato Puree for Babies / How to make Carrot & Potato Puree for Babies - Puree for Babies


I have been sharing veg and fruit purees, porridges, health powders for babies till now. I have stayed away from rice so far, that is because i haven't given rice for maha till now. As per our custom we take the first rice feeding to baby as a function. We have fixed that coming friday. After that i would be feeding rice for maha. So wait for more rice dishes and healthy dishes for babies..

Now coming to today's recipe...Potatoes are usually bland by their nature. So i love to add other sweet veggies to it to make it more tastier for babies..Normally i add some sweet carrots to it, i even add a piece of beetroots too.Potatoes makes this puree more creamy and carrots add a natural sweetness to this puree too..

Things to remember:

1)Texture of the puree depends upon you, i would recommend you to make the puree smooth.  
2)Your baby wont empty the whole bowl all at once, start with few spoons then increase it gradually as days pass by.

3)In my opinion & experience potatoes wont cause any constipation in babies. But it may cause gas in some babies. Any how i wont feed this puree daily, i give it two times a week.

4) I don't prefer freezing purees. I make it fresh everyday. But if you are busy or find difficult to get time, then freeze it in individual containers and thaw it overnight in fridge.

5)When choosing potatoes, get firm, white variety.

6)Potato and carrots are less likely to have any allergenic reactions.


How to introduce solid food to your baby:

Read this

How to sterilize baby feeding bowls:

Start by sterilizing the bowls and spoons which you are going to feed your baby. Take the bowl and spoon in a large saucepan, cover it with water and bring them to a boil. Boil it rapidly for 5 mins. Now you can turn the heat off and leave them stay in the hot water till use.

How to make Carrot & Potato Puree:

Choose a fresh, firm potato and carrot. Wash them well. Peel them slightly. Cube them. Put them in water and wash them well till there is no starch. 

Now transfer them in a sauce pan, cover them with clean water. 

Place it on stove and bring it to boil. Cover it and simmer it. Cook for 12 to 15 mins till the veggies are completely cooked. 

Now drain the veggies to a bowl or a mixer. Reserve the cooking liquid. 

You can puree them in a blender or use a handblender. Use the reserved liquid to thin the puree if needed. 

Transfer this to a bowl and feed your baby with a spoon.

Wash your carrots and potatoes
Peel em

cube em

Add them to water and rinse off all starch from the potatoes
Take that in a sauce pan

Cover them with water

Place it over stove

Bring it to boil

cover and simmer

cook till tender

Drain the veggies in a bowl

blend it

Add the reserved boiled water

make it into a smooth puree


feed your baby..


  1. Tis is great aarthi,
    Thanks a lot for starting tis session.I also have a 6 month old baby & I hav no idea wat else to giv other than ragi & banana..congrats for the great job.. do post more recipes..I wud like to know how avocado, pomegranate, orange, mango etc can b used..
    I hav a doubt too...can v boil apples in the same manner as u hav shown for apples..

  2. I meant can v boil apples in tis manner as u hav shown for carrots...sorry for the mistake in previous msg

  3. wow nice combo dish for babies ka.....

  4. @New mommyyes u can boil apples like this too.

  5. Good luck for ur babies annaprasana. Post the pictures when the function is over. I made pal payasam for my lil ones annaprasana, she is 9 months old now.

  6. Hi Aarthi..aarthi here :)
    I tried this recipe with my 10 month old and she enjoyed it. thanks!

  7. Hi aarthi,
    Instead of boiling potatoes we can steam the veggies na.... Becoz steamed vegetables contains more nutrients. And the skin of veggies contains the nutrients.

  8. Thanks a lot aarthi. It s very useful to me. Am a new cook and my baby s 8 months now. Ur receipes are seriously of big help to me. Thank you so much

  9. Thanks a lot aarthi. This section is of great help to me as my baby is 8 months old. Thank you so much.

  10. Sujatha said....

    Thanks Aarti. Can we use pressure cooker for making carrot & potato purée ? It will be very useful for my 6 months old baby.

  11. No need to add sugar for tis receipe?

  12. @AnonymousThis dont need anything because the sweetness from carrots will be good. if you want you can add

  13. shall i add some milke in this recipe

  14. @Hema Priyaif ur baby is after 1 year u can use

  15. Great! Can the veggies be steamed instead of boiling?

  16. Can I add tomatoes and crafish to the potato puree


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