Mar 19, 2014

Soya Kheema Masala Sandwich Recipe / Soya Kheema Curry Sandwich Recipe / Soya Kheema Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are one of my favorite to make when i dont feel like having rice for lunch. Couple weeks back i made soya keema matar for dinner, i had some leftover minced soya, so the next day i decided to make sandwiches out of it. It was so filling and yummy. Infact i used homemade wheat honey oats bread for these sandwiches and turned out to be super healthy. 

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Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Serves : 1 or 2


Soya chunks / Meal Maker- 1 cup cooked ( check this link for cooking soya chunks)
Onion - 1 large chopped finely
Tomatoes - 1 large chopped finely
Ginger & Garlic Paste - 1 tblspn
Chilli Powder - 2 tsp
Garam Masala Powder - 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tblspn
Coriander leaves - 2 tblspn finely chopped
Wheat Bread Slices - 4


Take cooked soya in a mixer, crush them so it turns into a mince. Set aside till use.

Heat oil in a kadai. Add in onions and cook till it turn golden, add in ginger garlic paste and saute for a min.

Add in the salt and masala powders and mix well. Add in tomatoes and cook till oil separates from it and it turns mushy.

Now add in minced soya and toss well with the masala.

Add coriander leaves and give one final mix.

Take a bread slice, heap the masala over it. Cover with another slice.

Heat a sandwich maker with grill plates, oil it. place the sandwich over the grill plates. Oil the top sides too. Close the sandwich maker and cook till the green lights show in it.

Remove and cut in diagnols.

Serve with green chilli sauce or ketchup.


1) If you don't have sandwich maker, you can grill it on tawa too.

Take all your ingredients

Take cooked soya chunks in a mixer

Crush them till they are minced
Heat oil in a kadai

Add in onions

Add in ginger garlic paste
Add in salt, chilli and garam masala powder

saute them for a min

Add in chopped tomatoes

cook till it turns mushy

add in minced soya chunks

mix them well

add in chopped coriander leaves

Masala done

Take your bread slices, i used my homemade oats honey bread..(RECIPE SOON)

Fill it

cover with the other slice

I used my sandwich maker

i used grill plates..oil them

place the sandwich on top, drizzle with some oil

Grill it

Remove to a plate

cut them in diagnols



  1. Wow! Pretty simple sandwich to make. I am a big fan of soya. I can eat it everyday! I would love to add cheese to this sandwich though :)

    Thanks for sharing the recipe :) Have a great day ahead :)

  2. I have some soya chunks at home and I am bored of making soya curry... Do you realize that there aren't many recipes using soya chunks online? I am so thankful for this recipe... I will try this out soon.. Thank you Aarthi, you never fail to impress with your food creativity..

  3. Can you let me know what sandwich maker you have?

  4. @Navya DiwakarI bought a vega sandwich maker. It has interchangable plates. I bought it from ebay


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