Feb 3, 2015

Apple Sticks with Peanut Butter / Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe - Finger Food Ideas for Babies

My baby food section is a total hit. I have stopped publishing those post because maha is not much into baby foods anymore. I have started giving normal foods which we all eat to maha and occasionally i will give her different varieties of finger foods as evening snacks for her, so she gets a habit of self eating. Many of my viewers have been asking me to share some finger food ideas for babies. So i have started this series from today. So keep looking for new food ideas..

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Maha is now 1.5 years and i have started giving this just now. Some people may think about peanut allergies, but feeding peanuts to babies below 1 year is not advisable. But you can slowly introduce peanuts after 1 year, but i kind of stayed away from it till now and started now. I dont want to give her whole peanuts, so made this peanut butter and gave her. I made apples as finger and dipped it in peanut butter and gave her. She liked it.

You can give this to babies above 1.5 years.

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Makes : 250 grams


Roasted Whole Peanuts - 250 grams
Powdered Palm Sugar / Jaggery - 3 tblspn
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Oil - 2 tblspn
Green Apples, Red Apples


Take peanuts in a blender, powder them into a powder.

Continue blending till oil comes from it, add in jaggery, salt and blend till smooth.

Now add in 1 tblspn of oil and puree till smooth. Now add in another tblspn of oil and puree till smooth.

Cut apples into thick slices and cut into finger like strips. 

Serve  with apple sticks.

Take all your ingredients

You need roasted peanuts

i took them in a blender

powdered it 

i kept on pureeing it, now you see the oil from
peanuts has started to come from it

look how it looks after few more mins of blending

it will be wet

now add in powdered jaggery, make sure you
use clean ones

add a pinch of salt

puree puree puree

now its time to add a tblspn of oil

puree till it gets smooth

add in another tblspn of oil

puree again..

now i kept on blending it till it is totally smooth

look how creamy and smooth it is

let this cool a bit, store in a air tight container 

now lets make apple sticks, take a crunchy
green apple and red apple

slice it into thick slices

now cut them into sticks

like this


  1. Hi. How long does it last? Does it need to be refridgerated?

  2. Aarthi it is entirely new to me. Could you please tell me other than this where we can use or eat it.


  3. @AnonymousU can eat it all alone. You can spread it in sandwiches or roti or toast and eat it. You can add it in baking.

    Check this out

  4. Whether we can add ghee or butter instead of oil

  5. @Vidhya Sudharshanu can use ghee. But you will get the taste of it..

  6. Hi Aarthi, your peanut butter recipe is totally awesome.....!! Very easy to prepare and so tasty to eat. My 3.5 yr old loves to have it spread on doss and I love it with apple. Already made the second batch...! ��

  7. Hi arthi....
    I am really confused with the foods to my 1 year old baby...I thought of stopping purees to her but she s not interested in any food..any food she will eat only 2 bits latter she will not open her mouth. .please suggest me any tasty food to my baby..

  8. @vinu....th@check this link


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