Aug 29, 2015

How to Make Vanilla Sugar at Home - Homemade Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Vanilla sugar is one of my most staple thing to have on hand. I keep it handy all the time, adding a spoonful of this into warm milk and having it is like heaven. My whole house smels heavenly when i was making this. Now i have a jar of the delicious vanilla sugar. I can use them in my baking recipes or anything and it will make them even better..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Makes - 500 gram of vanilla sugar


Sugar - 500 grams

Vanilla Bean - 1


Take sugar in a bowl.

Take a vanilla bean, slit it open using a sharp knife and scrape the seeds from the bean using the knife.

Add the seeds into the sugar and rub well. pop the bean skin into the sugar as well.

Store this in a air tight container.

For best result use it after 1 week.

You can use this in baking. Keep adding more sugar into the pop so the bean keep on infusing the sugar.

Uses of Vanilla Sugar:

1)Add it to milk to make vanilla milk.

2)Add it to cereal along with milk to vanilla a vanilla flavoured cereal.
3)Add it in any baked goodies.
4)Add it to coffee, tea or hot chocolate
5)Smells great when sprinkled on top of muffins and cakes..Gives a nice vanilla toned crunch on top of it.
6)Makes best vanilla flavoured smoothies..
7)Mix with yogurt, to make vanilla yogurt

You need sugar and vanilla bean

take sugar in a bowl

take a knife and a vanilla bean

split it open

you can see the caviar

use the spoon to scrape the caviar from this

add it to sugar

use a fork to mix it well

this infuses the sugar with vanilla bean

add the pods into the sugar as well

vanilla sugar done

store it in a container

For best results use it after 1 week


  1. From which store did you buy vanilla bean at nagercoil?

  2. Where can we get this vanilla bean?

  3. @Anonymousi got it is given in the post

  4. that was so simple!! thanks for letting me know :)


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