Oct 29, 2011

Fried Momos / Deep Fried Stuffed Vegetable Dumplings – With Step by Step Pictures & Videos

One of my reader named Bhuvana requested this recipe..I am happy that she did, so that I had a chance to make this recipe..

I thought of making both version ( fried and steamed), so that you can try anything as per your liking..Actually I loved the steamed one more than the fried one..

For your ease I have a video of how to shape momos..Hope you check it too..

I hope that you love this recipe..Off you go to the step by step recipe with pictures. 


For Dough:
All Purpose Flour / Maida -1 cup
Salt to taste
Water as needed

For Filling:
Cabbage-1 cup shredded
Capsicum- ½ sliced thinly
Mushrooms-1 cup sliced
Spring Onion-2 Chopped finely
Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tblspn
Soya Sauce-1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Ajinomoto / MSG-1 tsp (Optional)
Oil-1 tblspn


First make dough...Mix flour and salt in a mixing bowl..Pour in water and make into a soft dough.Cover with a damp cloth and set aside.

Now make filling by heating oil and add in ginger and garlic paste.

Now add in all vegetables and cook for 5 mins covered..

Now add in salt,pepper,soya sauce,ajinomoto and mix well.

Remove this to a bowl and allow this to cool down.

Now take the dough and divide into equal portions..

Take one dough ball and roll into thin round shape..

Spoon some filling on one side of the circle and fold in half..Pinch the sides and fold it in  a pattern(Check images and videos)

Heat oil for deep frying and deep fry this dumplings till golden..

Drain onto a paper towel..

Serve hot with ketchup or hot chilli sauce.

Take flour and salt in a bowl
pour in water

make into a soft dough
take all your filling ingrediants
prepare everything

fry ginger and garlic paste in oil

add in your vegetables

cover and steam for 5 mins
untill the vegetables are tender

season with Ajinomoto, Salt and Pepper

add soya sauce in this
mix well

Remove this in a bowl and allow to cool down..
Divide into equal portions

Take one ball

spread it thinly

spoon some filling one one side

fold in half
Twist and seal the edges

continue sealing

untill done..
See your momos are done..

I made some momos for steaming too...

heat oil for deep frying
drop the momos in and fry it

fry till golden..

drain and set aside

I served it with chilli sauce
See the filling
Yippee..I can use a Chopstick now...

I Have a Video for you about "How to Shape Momo's...Hope you like it...I know it has very low lighting..Please bare with me..



  1. Luks yum!!Never tried deep fried version..well explained.

  2. mmmmmmmmmm..che meraviglia!ciao!

  3. Hi, first time here...love your space..wonderful recipes... Susan from www.chackoskitchen.com

  4. God one! I made the sweet version!

  5. Wow..Looks tempting....Yummy fried momos..

  6. very tempting and well explained.

  7. OOooh yummie :)!! These filled pastries & then fried look so appetizing & interesting too!

    A winner!

  8. Kalyani ...You can see my other post for steamed momos...And it will take around 15-20 mins for steaming

  9. I love your recipes and you explain them in a simply way and that's so easy to understand and cook...Thank you..Amazing page and work!!!

  10. Hi Aarthi,

    Can v use wheat flour insted of all purpose flour

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  12. Nice article thanks for sharing.......
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  13. the video is not working.says its prvate


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