Sep 4, 2015

How to make Fondant Bow for Decorating Cakes - Fondant Bow Tutorial

Working with fondant can be quite fun, it is just like making sculptures out of clay. So easy and so much fun. Couple of days back i was in a mood to work with fondant..So i decided to take pics as well, since many of you guys were asking me this..I used marshmallow fondant for this and it worked like a charm..

Fondant Bow

I referred some website and videos to create this. This is to give you a idea, because i am not a professional and these wont look so professional. But i think it is okay to make your kids happy..

gourmetads referral link

Check out the pictorial for step by step tutorial on how to make fondant bow..

I used my Homemade Marshmallow Fondant for this and it worked like a charm..

Take your fondant

i want to go for a pink colour

take a small piece of fondant

place it in the remaining fondant

start kneading

knead it well

roll it out

cut it like this

cut it into strips

fold it like this

take it in a plate

pinch it together like this

cut a small strip

roll it over the bow

seal it well

place a foil inbetween

leave it to dry

now cut strips like this

cut like this

take your cake

roll out fondant

place it over the cake

smooth the top with fondant smoother

cover it gently

like this

cut the remaining leftover

like this

smooth it out

take it in a serving plate

spread some water

take your bow

place it on the cake

brush some water like this

place the ribbon


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  1. Looking very delicious.why can't u concentrate more on lighting.why because whenever u take the snaps lighting seems soo dull.


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