Sep 7, 2015

How to Make Fondant Elephant - Fondant Elephant Step By Step Tutorial

Working with fondant can be quite fun, it is just like making sculptures out of clay. So easy and so much fun. Couple of days back i was in a mood to create some animals using that..So i decided to take pics as well, since many of you guys were asking me this..I used marshmallow fondant for this and it worked like a charm..

I referred some website and videos to create this elephant.. I am telling you this is just to give you a idea, because i am not a professional and these wont look so professional. But i think it is okay to make your kids happy..

I used my Homemade Marshmallow Fondant for this and it worked like a charm..

Check out the pictorial for step by step tutorial on how to make fondant elephant

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Take little fondant..I made a blue fondant
Take a bigger portion..This is going to be his body

lean it against a bowl

now lets make the arms..Take a small portion and roll it like this

divide it like this

brush the top with little water

place the arm 

like this

now roll his head

brush the top of the arm with little water and place the head

like this

take a small portion

roll it like this

brush the top of this with little water

place it like this

Take a small portion

roll it like this

use the balling tool to press a small impression

like this

press it over the face

dont worry about the ears, first i made it like them i modified it

use this tool to make eyes

take this

make little slashes over the trunk

make fondant like this

cut it in half

brush water on top

stick it

i made some slashes in the hands and legs too



  1. wow...the elephant and the pig is so cute...
    thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Well done !!! Very cute !!!

  3. Well done !!! Very cute !!!


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