Oct 13, 2015

Addictive Honey Chicken Recipe

Honey chicken quite a popular chicken recipe, i made it few days back..It is so easy to make and turns out very very delicious..Hubby went crazy over this chicken..It was that good..You have to try it for sure..

This is a simple version of making this recipe and it was so tasty..You have to try it once to see how tasty it turns out..It will be your kids new favourite..I made another popular chicken recipe will share it soon..Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins

Cooking Time : 25 to 30 mins
Serves : 3 


Chicken Breast - 2 medium size cubed

For Batter:

All Purpose Flour / Maida - 1/2 cup
Corn Flour / Corn Starch - 1/2 cup
Baking Powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Water - as needed
Oil for Deep Frying

For Sauce:

Tomato Ketchup - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Honey -  3 tblspn
Water - 3 tblspn


Mix all the sauce ingredients and set aside.

Take batter ingredients in a bowl, add water slowly and make it into a semi thick batter.

Dip each chicken in batter and fry till golden. It should be crispy. Drain onto some paper towel and set aside.

Add sauce in a pan and cook till it is thick and glossy.

Add in fried chicken and toss well.

Serve hot..


Take your ingredients for sauce

Take ketchup in a bowl

Add in sugar

Add in honey

Add in water

Mix well and set aside

take batter ingredients

take flour in a bowl

add in cornflour

add in salt

add in baking powder

mix well

add in water

mix well

Batter done

now it is smooth 

Take chicken breast

cut it into strips

cut it into cubes
dip it in the batter

coat it well with batter

drop it in hot oil

keep frying

it will turn really golden and crispy

fry till golden

drain it

see how crispy it looks

Pour the sauce in a pan

heat it

cook till it gets syrupy

Now it has reached the consistency

Add in fried chicken

Toss well

Serve hot with a sprinkle of sesame seeds


  1. Doesn't need to add chilly sauce?

  2. Hi dear could you plss post a recipe of chicken rawa fry wìth green masala....plss

  3. Aarthi.. Doesn't need to add chilly sauce?

  4. Hi aarthi, is it okay to heat honey? It makes it becoming toxic to human consumption

  5. Hi this looks yummy.. But except me no one in my family would like a sweet dish.. any ideas of how to make this a little spicy

  6. @AnonymousIf you want you can add chilli sauce or red chilli flakes. But this recipe dont need that

  7. @PriscillaU can add some chilli flakes in this

  8. @AnonymousI dont think so, since honey is used in many cooking and baking recipes

  9. Another yummy dish..tnx for the recipe.my daughter just loved it..

  10. Thank you so much

  11. Delicious! Everone wanted seconds. The ketchup was a surprising ingredient.

  12. Délicieux je me suis regallé! Thanks fromage France!

  13. This recipe made my kids to eat chicken. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. Fantastic cant wait to try it. It also reminds me of sweet and sour pork that the Chinese make. Probably will work with pork too. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. Yummy honey chicken...���� followed ur receipe as such and Tried it.. came very well..Thanks you..

  16. It looks so delicious & it makes me mouth-watering! This dish would definitely be my son's favourite!Would you please give out in grams? I looked up ½ cup for conversion online.... but it comes with so many different results..... 😱


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