Jul 10, 2011

Rumali Roti Recipe / Roomali Roti Recipe

Rumali Roti is a thin flat bread, Rumali means handkerchief, This roti is so thin, that you can fold it like a handkercheif and serve it. Traditionally this bread is made in a large wok kind of pan which is inverted over a tandoor or stove and this roti is cooked over that..

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You could only get it in restaurants,since it is hard to make..But this recipe is so easy ,so that you could make it in home..While making this roti,heat the tawa to a high heat..cook the roti on both sides very quickly..The roti should not be too brown...

So go ahead and try this at home and let me now what you think...


For dough:
All Purpose Flour /Maida - 1 cup
Wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tblspn
Warm water as required

For roti making:
Rice flour-2 tblspn
Oil or ghee-as needed


In a mixing bowl add in maida,wheat flour,oil and salt and mix with your hands.

Pour in water gradually and form into a smooth dough.Cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 30 min.

Divide the dough into equal portion and set aside.

Take two dough ball from it and spread it lightly.Apply ghee or oil in it and dredge it in rice flour.Stick both the dough together and roll it into thin roti.

Heat the tawa to a high heat and put this on to the tawa.Cook on both sides till it is just cooked.(Don’t let it brown too much).

Remove it from the tawa and separate it into two thin rotis.Fold like a handkerchief and put it in a hot case so that it stay nice and warm..

Serve with any side dish..


Grab your dough ingredients

Add in warm water slowly and Make a dough..
You can leave the dough aside for 30 mins or so..

Divide the dough into equal portions
Now lets make the roti...Take two dough ball

Roll it

Brush with oil

on both roti

Dip this in Rice flour

Dip both roti

Stick it together

Stick together

Roll into thin roti

Cook in a hot tawa

Cook on both sides

Separate it

Start folding

Fold into triangles

put this in hot case..



  1. loved ur version...very tempting clicks..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. fab roomali rotis....wud sure try it out ...looks easy

  3. Lovely rotis..I too prepared it in the same way..

  4. WOW! You made it look easy! I tried making them but they can never turn out right . Not sure it's the timing of the temperature of the stove.

  5. Looks delicious with curry...yum yum :)

  6. very nice preparation...thanx for the pictorials,easy to follow..would like to give a try..

  7. Njami .Roti Can not think of eating curry without Roti.Prya's mum (my Indian friend) makes the best roti ever.It is great that you share your recepies so visualy:)

  8. Perfect soft rotis u have got..looks very tempting

  9. so beautifully done:-) soo craving for some

  10. I'm loving this...look really easy! :)

  11. wow, that looks superb, I always love your step by step recipes :)

  12. Superb, looks very tempting


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  16. I tried making this.but it didnt came out soft .. Came out like pappad ..dono where i went wrong can u pls help

  17. @Anonymousu have over cooked it, just few seconds on each side will be good

  18. Hi Aarthi, do we have to keep the temperature high while cooking the roti or we just need to hear the tawa and then reduce the gas while cooking ?? Please clarify. Thank you.

  19. Hi ur reciepe is soo easy and the pics step by step is really good that even beginners can understand soo clearly..good job...

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