Dec 17, 2011

Paruppu Urundai Kulambu (Kuzhambu) / Lentils Dumplings cooked in a Spicy Coconut Sauce – Denser Dumplings Version

Hai Friends..Happy Saturday..Hope you all are enjoying your weekends..Today I made Chocolate Rolls with a special stuffing in the center..And that is a suspense, I will post it in the coming week. So wait for it..Now coming back to today’s recipe..

I am with another favorite recipe of mine. Amma makes paruppu urundai kulambu often and actually we calls it as “Urundai Kulambu”. She makes it entirely different and I will post the recipe soon. I saw this recipe in internet and was so eager to make it. The dumplings in this recipe is not the softer ones, it makes denser dumplings..And they are perfect to mix with rice and eat.

I will make the softer ones too and post it..I have a version of iyengar paruppu urundai kulambu too which I got from one of my friend. I have plans to post that too..So hope you can see so many paruppu urundai kulambu here in future..

Now off you go and check this version of this exotic gravy..


For Lentil Dumplings:
Toor Dal / Tuvaram Paruppu / Split Pigeon Peas –  1 cup
Onion – 1 chopped
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Garlic – 6 cloves
Green Chilli-1
Fennel Seeds / Saunf / Sombu-1 tsp
Salt – to taste

For Gravy:
Onion – 1 large chopped
Tomato-3 chopped
Ginger -1 inch piece
Garlic – 6 cloves
Green Chilli-1
Chilli Powder -1 tsp
Coriander Powder / Malli Podi -1 tblspn
Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi -1 tsp
Fennel Seeds / Saunf / Sombu -1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Coconut – ½ cup ground
Oil – 3 tblspn


Soak toor dal for 2 hours, drain it. Grind all ingrediants given for dumplings into a coarse paste. Form small dumplings out of it and arrange it in a steam plate. Steam this for 15-20 mins untill cooked through. Remove this and set aside until ready to use.

Grind all ingrediants given in the gravy list except oil and coconut.

Heat oil in a wide pan and add the masala in this..Cook this until oil separates from this, this will take around 10-15 mins.

Now add the ground coconut in this along with enough water to make a sauce.

Bring it to boil and drop the steamed dumplings in this. Simmer it for 10-15 mins untill the dumplings absorb all flavours and oil separates from the gravy.

Switch off the flame and let it stand for 30 mins so that the flavours will mingle together.

Serve hot with rice.


Ingrediants needed for Dumplings
Put everything in a blender
add toor dal
and blend it
take it in a bowl
make small dumplings
put it in a steamer
do exactly same with everything
steam it
all steamed and ready to be dropped in gravy
take all you ingrediants for gravy
add everything to the blender except oil and coconut
make it into a paste
heat oil
add the masala
cook it
till all raw flavour goes away from it..and oil starts separating
now add coconut paste
and mix well
pour some water
and mix well
and bring it to boil
add the dumplings in
and simmer
cover and simmer
untill oil separates from it
This is best served with rice
I made sambar too


  1. Delicious paruppu urudai kuzhambhu,we make it slightly different.this version sounds good.I love your earthenwares.I can feel the aroma of this kuzhambhu especially made in earthen pot.

  2. wow! yummy... I make mine with Vathakozhambu as the base. I have been meaning to try with different base. Will try yours :-)

  3. The dish looks yummy. Now I am feeling hungry and its midnight here :(
    Anzzcafe has completed one year of blogging. I wish to thank you for your support and words of encouragement. You have been a sure motivator. Thanx

  4. Dear Aarthi, This version of Urundai Kuzhambu is so good..I too make Urundai kuzhambu often but in different way..As always love your wonderful clicks..

  5. this looks wonderful delicious looking flavourful dish

  6. delicious recipe... very flavourful..

  7. Look absolutely delicious I love lentils:)

  8. Delicious and flavorful dumplings dear. Gravy looks so inviting and colorful.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Yummy kuzhambu my fav anytime...I dont steam it sperately just add the balls in the gravy itself to get it cooked...ur version of masala sounds flavourful too

  10. These dumplings look absolutely fantastic, I know the flavour will be exquisite.

  11. You too have a lovely blog and I saw your paruppu urundai kozhambu with a different grvy.Will soon try this.

  12. Sure looks good will try this today

  13. Yummy dishes arthi....thanks...but for now..where didu get that pan, looked like terakotta...!!!

  14. Hi arthi
    Tried two of your recipes to a day. Urundai kozhambu and onion pakoda.. Both came out really well. Thanks for the recipe.. Your blog s super..

  15. What can be used in place of coconut and can we deep fry the dumplings instead of steaming...
    Please reply

  16. @Anonymousskip coconut and add some cashew paste..deep frying will make it completely diff

  17. I tried and it came out very well....thanks for posting yummy recipes

  18. Am a regular follower of your recipes.. I tried this one, it came out perfect.. as usual, your clicks and step wise procedure, no one can beat you in this. Thanks a lot for making cooking so easy.


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