Mar 15, 2012

Sarva Pindi / Ginnappa / Tapala Pindi / Spicy Rice Flour Pancake - Andhra Special Recipe for Indian Cooking Challenge

If this looks like a unusual stuff for you, then count me in too..I too felt the samething once i heard about the ICC  for this month.But when i was googline about this..I came to know that this is  a typical andhra recipe..They have it as a snack or for breakfast..Even though it takes time to make, it is so worth the try..I mean if you love to try out recipes from different place then you can give a shot..

I hope you like it and let me know your comments...


Rice flour / Arisi mavu - 1 cup
Channa Dal / Kadalai paruppu - 2 tblspn
Sesame Seeds / Yellu - 2 tblspn
Green Chilli - 1 finely chopped
Onion - 1 finely chopped
Curry leaves - 1 spring finely chopped
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Water as needed
Salt to taste
Oil for pan frying


Soak channa dal for 15 mins. Drain it and put it in a mixing bowl along with chilli powder, sesame seeds, onion , green chilli, curry leaves and salt.

Add in rice flour and add some water and make into a soft dough.

Take a non stick tawa and drizzle 1 tblspn of oil.Take a orange size dough and press it over the tawa with your hands till it gets even.

Using your finget makes small holes in the center and drizzle some oil in the holes.

Now heat a tawa and cover with a lid. Let it cook for 15 -20 min on a slow flame till it is cooked.

If you need you can flip over and cook or else remove and serve with chutney.

Take all your ingrediants
add everything in a mixing bowl
and mix everything

add rice flour

add water

and make a dough

Heat oil in a nonstick pan
Place the dough in the center
and spread it
make holes in it

now heat the pan

drizzle some oil in the holes

and let it cook
Cover and cook
cook for 15 min on a low flame
flip over and cook
Bottom side will be so crispy..Enjoy..


  1. hey i love this one. I am forever looking for something new to ,make for breakfast & this certainly luks exciting. i must make this ... maybe tommorrow :) thanks for the detailed intructions.

  2. wow this is totally new dish to me and at first glance it seemed like onion uttappa . wud love to try this

  3. That is such a unique recipe! Lovely!

  4. Yummy pancake looks so crispy! nice presentation n preparation.

  5. That's very tempting. Though i m a Telugu, i never heard of this. Perfect for a snack.

  6. Hi aarthi. It looks good but my question is, how can u make another sarva pindi,?? when the tawa is hot. When u put ur first one, it would not be hot ofcourse, so that u can apply the dough and put holes on it. pls reply

  7. hey..this is my mom`s recipe.....u made this perfectly....looking just yumm dear.......

  8. Hello, I thought this recipe go like me... Thank you!

    But please, explain me what is Channa Dal... A kind of lentils maybe?
    Thank you again

  9. Really delicious..will surely try.

  10. Different recipe,looks very crispy!!

  11. u hv xplained it so wpnderfully too good..

  12. Oh wow, what a stunning picture! The recipe is equally mouth-watering. Shall try this recipe: saving this for the weekend!!

  13. What nice look this, I love it!

  14. My dear Aarthi, I love spicy. This pancake looks wonderful.
    Blessings my friend, Catherine xo

  15. mmmmm... looks so yummy. Will try this and kids friendly too..:)

  16. Simply delicious and colorful looking tapala pindi. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  17. It has to be delicious and so crunchie

  18. Love the color you got looks so perfect..

  19. We make thalipeeth this way.. yumm yumm.
    Love Ash.

  20. Nicely prepared Aarthi,adai looks delicious.

  21. I've never heard of this but it is very wholesome, crispy and a good snack!! Thanks

  22. Has come out perfectly.. My post is due too :)

    Ongoing Event: I'm a STAR

  23. wow!! crispy dosa and new to me.

  24. Superb, you have made it very perfectly Aarthi..

  25. U Have a fantastic blog!Glad to follow u.Follow me at

  26. Se ve muy delicioso y tentador me encanta,maravilloso colorido,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  27. What a nice recipe....we always have dosa and similar pancakes at home...this will b another addition. I prepare something similar with whole wheat flour , but i make it quite thick!!

    Urs look so yummy! and crispy!! drooling here Aarthi....


  28. Hearing it for the 1st time..looks delicious!

    Congrats n best wishes on your wedding! :)

  29. Oh wow! This is amazing. A savory pancake? Unlike the sweet ones that we make in the U.S. I love the thought of serving it with chutney. I think my boys will love this. Thanks for the post.

  30. Wow what a crispy dish... So interesting...

  31. Hi aarthi

    award for you is waiting at my blog


  32. Delicious ;I couldn't do but..

  33. Very interesting version of pancake to serve for breakfast! This is new to me and I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  34. Wow...such an interesting and yummy recipe...looks yumm.

  35. I think in telugu this is called as karem rotte. This is one of the best Indian recipes guide. Thanks for sharing. Best platform for learners for those who are trying to learn how to cook.


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