Apr 16, 2012

Coconut Milk Appam / Palappam / Vellayappam - Kerala Breakfast Thali

Simple Breakfast Thali from Kerala
When Valli announced Thali Mela..I was quite excited to do that, because in our house we almost eat thali meal. Somedays it will be simple everyday thali and some day it may be a huge traditional thali. I am planning to post quite a few thali through out this week..Starting from some basic everyday thali from different places to a festive thali which we prepare often in our house.

I start this week with a simple everyday breakfast thali from kerala. You know appam, puttu are a staple foods in keralan breakfast meal. They love it so mush as I do. I have my mum's aapam recipe in my blog before itself..But I wanted to try the coconut milk aapam which they do..So I did that..Aapam with egg curry taste like heaven along with some simple coconuty vegetable stew make it even more delicious..My mouth is watering when I write this..The meal was a complete hit.

Ok now this simple breakfast thali has

Coconut Milk Aapam
Nadan Egg Curry (I will post very soon)

Other Variations:

This Aapam is so good..They turned out so soft, I mean soooooo soft and porous..Dipping them in that spicy egg curry was so good..if you want something mild you can make that vegetable stew.I made this for breakfast last Sunday. I hope you too will love it and let me know what you think..

Recipe Source: Yummy O Yummy


Rice Flour / Arisi mavu - 2 cup ( Raw or Roasted, Ur Choice)
Dry Yeast - 1 tsp ( Rapid Rise)
Coconut Milk - 400 ml ( Thick)
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup ( Ground coarsely)
Sugar - 3 tblspn
Salt to taste

For Kappi:
Rice Flour - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Water - 2 cup


Start by making the kappi.Take rice flour, sugar and water in a sauce pan and start cooking. Mix well..they will get thick and gooey. Switch off the flame and allow them to cool down completely.

Take yeast in a small bowl add some warm water and mix well. Let it sit for 7-8 mins till they rise.

In a large mixing bowl, use a large bowl, You are going to ferment the batter in that bowl. Add Riceflour,salt, sugar, coconut and mix well.

Pour coconut milk in that and make into a smooth batter. Add the yeast water and the cooled kappi and mix well. Add more water if needed.

Cover it and let it sit in a warm place till they rises. It will take around 6-8 hours.

Now mix well. Adjust the salt and sugar level.

Heat a appam chatti or a tawa and pour a ladle ful of batter in that. Cover with a lid and let it cook for a min.

Now remove them and serve with your favorite curry.

Take all your ingrediants
Start by making the kappi..Take riceflour, sugar and water in a sauce pan
start mixing it
Till it gets thick...Let it cool down
Dissolve yeast in warm water
Now make the batter..take rice flour,salt, sugar, coconut in a bowl
pour in coconut milk
and yeast water
the cooled kappi
mix well
cover and let it ferment for 6-8 hours
they will puff up like this
Now pour a small ladleful in a tawa or appam pan
cover and cook
till done
Serve..they will be so soft and spongy


  1. No grinding, only rice flour, very delicious..

  2. What a beautiful and delicious breakfast - I would LOVE to start the day like this!!
    mary x

  3. a definite keeper...will be trying this one

  4. Looks tempting Aarthi.Though for people like me the shape of appam is important.If that was appam maker,the edge colour and the variation will be visible.Yum.

  5. Healthy breakfast,yummy combo...love the spread.

  6. They do look very soft and porous.

  7. Nice breakfast thali looks so inviting.


  9. Ooo..one of my friends promised us this kerala specialty and am surely looking forward to it!

  10. This looks amazing and I love how fluffy it is!

  11. love aapam anytime whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your aapam looks so soft. Good one Aarthi...

  12. Simple and delicious Thali.
    My grandma used to make appam.. missing her appam.. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    My first event-Showcase

  13. I was felling something is missing suddenly i realised that was ur lovely blog!!!Ur yummy recipesss i just love appamsss n loved ur new blog description and header!!!

  14. Yummy! I must try this out.

    Sona @ Aunty Mak's Kitchen

  15. looks so nice and authentic!

  16. Aapam looks fantastic, I love this aapam.., and definitely with coconut stew, I could have that plate now!, looking forward to all your thalis

  17. Is this similar to pancakes?

  18. My fav breakfast !! Looks so good aarthi.

  19. My appetite has increased so much seeing the wonderful platter...Lovely..Love Kerala food..

    Kitchen - The Chef 's Paradise

  20. That is a simple and delicious everyday thali.. I never tasted appam but it looks like rice flour dosa.. It might have tasted good with the egg curry

  21. nice hearty breakfast Aarthi :) Guess this post needs to be updated with the BM tag.

    Sizzling Tastebuds
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  22. soft and delicious appams, my fav :)

  23. made a similar version...your looks super soft...

  24. Dear ,
    1 tsp yeast is too much dear the same will happen with 1 pinch of yeast,specially in this summer

  25. very spongy ones aarthi.. good one! i love the app ams with stew
    Ongoing Event : WTML

  26. The preparation of aappam batter is very new. We usually grind rice. But this looks easy..

  27. Your aappam looks delicious and very soft!!

  28. yummy n soft appam with rice flour...yum...

  29. Super spongy appams, wish i live near u..

  30. This is such a lovely way to start your day! I particularly liked the appams!

  31. Looks so soft and spongy...tempting!

  32. Love the appam, it is new to me . i make it in a different way.

  33. Its been years since I had appams...will have to take a trip down soth to relish them!

  34. Nice. You could have added coconut milk mixed with sugar too, though we actually dont serve it at home, its usually kadala curry or payaru curry or stew that is made with aappam.

  35. This will go so well with chicken curry. looks very soft and nice.

  36. Hi aarthi,tried dis...really very soft..thanks 4 d post...

  37. Do we need to take extra half cup rice for kappi?

  38. Hi can I serve this with coconut milk?

  39. Can we use idly rice instead if rice flour? How to ferment without yeast?


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