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Mar 25, 2013

Garlic Rasam / Garlic Flavoured Soup with Freshly Roasted & Ground Spices

You all know that i love making rasam for my meals, because i love the simplicity of it and the fresh taste it brings to the meals. Since it is so hot here, i am not feeling like cooking anything, i just want to hit the kitchen like a storm. So i love to make rasam since it is so easy and take just less than 15 mins to make. I accompany some poriyal with it. Check out the rasam recipes and poriyal recipes which i posted in this blog. 

This rasam is a kind of special one because it has freshly roasted and ground spices in it. Since the dominant flavour is garlic, i love to add a good amount of garlic in it. The roasted spices and the fried garlic makes this rasam so flavourful and yummy. I have a version of tomato garlic rasam which i will post soon. Hope you will try it and let me know what you think.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves - 5 to 6


Oil - 1 tblspn
Garlic - 10 cloves chopped
Mustard Seeds / Kaduku - 1 tsp
Dry Red Chilli - 2 broken
Tamarind Pulp - 2 tblspn ( Click here for recipe )
Water - 4 to 5 cups
Salt to taste
Coriander Leaves - for garnishing

For Roasting and Grinding:
Oil - 1 tsp
Split Channa Dal / Kadala Paruppu - 1 tblspn
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam - 1 tsp
Whole Pepper - 1 tsp
Dry Red Chilli - 4
Coriander Seeds / Malli - 2 tblspn


Heat 1 tsp of oil, add in all the roasting ingredients and roast it for 5 mins on medium heat till golden. Remove it to a mixer and pour some water. Grind it into a smooth paste. Set aside.

Now Heat 1 tblspn oil in the same kadai. Add in chopped garlic and fry for a min or two till light golden. Remove this to a small dish and set aside.

Now in the same garlic flavoured oil. Add in mustard seeds and dry chilli and saute for a min.

Now add in water, tamarind pulp, salt and mix well.

Bring it to a boil and boil it for 2 mins.

Now add in the ground masala, fried garlic pieces and mix well.

Bring this to a boil and simmer for 8 to 10 mins.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with rice.

Take all your ingredients

Ingredients for roasting and grinding

Heat a tsp of oil

Add all the whole spices and roast

Take it in a blender

Pour some water in

Make it into a smooth paste

Heat some more oil

Add in chopped garlic cloves

Fry till lightly coloured

Remove to a small dish

In the remaining flavoured oil

Add seasoning ingredients

Roast a little

Pour some water

Add in tamarind pulp

Mix well

Add salt

Bring to a boil

Add the ground masala

Add in fried garlic pieces

Mix well

Simmer for a while

Garnish with coriander leaves



  1. wow, delicious, I love Garlic Rasam :)

  2. Wow, great post and the rasam is super!!
    Today's recipe: http://annarasaessenceoffood.blogspot.com/2013/03/til-chatni-sesame-seeds-powder-chutney.html

  3. Rasam looks so appetizing. I am going to give it a try. Tell me something can I just slurp it like a soup or do I need to eat it with rice?

  4. @ABDYou can have it as a soup but it taste great when had with rice..

  5. Mrs. Monika EdwinJuly 1, 2015 at 3:33 PM

    I dont have coriander seeds at home only powder any optional

  6. Thnaks Aarthi,love you for so beautifully demonstrating it with pictures.Being a north Indian Rasams always have remained an enigma to me. This would help big time. thanks again.

  7. Sorry having a bit of a moment! What is Rasam? Is it a stock, a gravy, in between?


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