Jul 9, 2014

Neer Dosa Recipe / Neer Dose Recipe

Neer Dosa..One of my sweet pregnant viewer asked for this recipe, how can i ignore it, so i tried it immediately and it turned out so good..I made this for breakfast today and with no more delay i am sharing the recipe with you all..

This dosa is similar to my paalada recipe, but it is eggless. And this is so soft, super thin and melt in your mouth. The key to get that right is making the batter super thin. This dosa is best served with spicy tomato chutney or sambar. If you are a non vegetarian, you can serve it with any chicken curry or mutton curry..

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Soaking Time : Overnight
Cooking Time : 45 sec to 1 min per dosa
Serves : 7 to 8


Rice - 2 cup ( I used Doppi Rice )
Fresh Coconut - 3/4 cup grated
Salt to taste
Water around 1 liter or adjust
Oil few tsp for greasing


Wash and soak rice in lots of clean water overnight.

The next morning, drain it and add it to blender along with coconut.

Grind it, once it is half ground, add in some water and grind it into a smooth paste.

Once it is done, pour it in4to a bowl.

Add in salt and mix well. Now add in more water make it into a thin batter, the batter shouldn't coat the back of the ladle, it should be that thin.

Now heat a non stick pan, the pan should have a lid.

Drizzle few drops of oil and wipe it with a paper towel.

Now pour a ladleful of batter and swirl the pan to coat it. The batter should coat the pan in a thin layer. Cover the pan and let it cook for 45 sec to a min till the dosa is cooked.

Once it is cooked, use a spatual to ease the sides, fold the dosa into triangle and store in hot case.

Serve with spicy tomato chutney or sambar..

Take rice in a bowl and wash it well

cover with fresh water

leave it to soak overnight

it looks like this once soaked

drain it

add rice to blender

add grated coconut

grind them

grind it well

add water and grind again

grind till it is smooth

pour it into a pot

i grinded the second batch too and
added it to the same pot

add in some salt

mix well

look at the consistecy now

it is thick and it coats the back of the spoon

we want the batter to be super thin, so add water

look at the consistency now

the batter shouln't coat the back of the spoon

batter ready for making dosa

Take a nonstick pan

find a matching lid for it

drizzle some oil in it

use a paper towel to season the pan

pour a ladleful of batter in it

swirl the pan to coat it

swirl it

all coated

cover it and cook for 45 sec to a min

dosa done

now fold it 

fold again

store in hot case

serve hot

This is best served with spicy tomato chutney

But it equally taste good with sambar


  1. Hi Aarthi.. thanks for posting this recipe.. its looks yummy.. BTW what is doppi rice ?

  2. @PrescillaI am not so sure how to explain it, doppi rice looks short and little fat. I think you can use idli rice too

    1. I don't think you can use idli rice or brown rice.neer dosa is made mainly with raw rice/ white rice or basmati rice.

  3. Can I use basmati rice

  4. Thnku...u hve such wonderful receipes here I follow all of them
    Keep up d good work...

  5. Thnku...u hve such wonderful receipes here I follow all of them
    Keep up d good work...

  6. Thnku so much...
    Wonderful receipes here I follow all f thm
    Keep up d gud work...

  7. Hello ...dear thanks for d post very delicious dosa ....I hv also tried adding jeera and onion when v grind in mng , it was nice getting smell of onion n jeera ven d dasa is cooked ..but don't add coconut while adding these two ingredients..hv a try ...thankx

  8. Lovely recipes. First time at your site.Can I use brown rice to make these yummy dosa.thanks for sharing your recipes. Regards

  9. @AnonymousNot sure dear..but hope you can..give it a try..

  10. Thanks Arathi..I have been craving to do this. Saturday done. Only thing is if it does not come well of pan, how can I use batter alternatively?

  11. We call it "ghavna" and and make it on pan of "bhid - mixed metal pan

  12. Hi, I tried making Neer Dosa tonight with Basmati rice on my electric stovetop in a non stick pan. Tried also in a copper non stick pan just in case the first one was not good. The rice batter in the pan had so many holes and it did not set at all. Rather it became like sticky gruel like congee. Can you please help?

  13. @AnonymousIt is because of the rice i think. Use idli rice.

  14. Tried this out today and came out really really well.. Thanks a ton Aarthi!!

  15. @Fathimath Sajida

    I tried with Idli Rice today and it did come out well.. :)

  16. hey aarthi, i have been following your blog for quite sometime now. its an amazing blog. i did try neer dosa at home, but it started cracking with heat. can you tell what could have been my mistake..

  17. @priya dharshiniyou must have made it too thin, or too watery

  18. Hello Aarthi,

    I tried this but used jeerakasala rice instead of the one u mentioned.
    Unfortunately the dosa was hard when it was ready :(

    Pls advice.

    thank you

  19. Hi Aarthi,
    Neer dosa is one of my fav and a staple item at home. I was seeing your recipe and it reminded me one extra thing mom adds to it. I like your blog a lot and it has helped me many a times and so I thought of sharing this tip with you.
    Mom adds about a handful (now, that's how mom's give measurements!) of cooked rice (leftover rice from the previous night) or beaten rice (poha - this must be washed in water before use) along with the other ingredients to grind.
    She says, it will make the dosa a little softer. I too usually put the previous days, leftover rice when making neer dosa.

    Akshatha Suvarna

  20. Tried this today. Tastes awesome dear. Thanks for your blogs.


  21. Can we use the same water in which rice is soak( because it contains minerals) instead of fresh water at the the of grinding.

  22. Can we use the same water in which we have soak rice instead of fresh water for grinding?

  23. i used normal rice with coconut my girlfriend loved it thank u aarthi u mande me a pro cook :-D

  24. i used normal rice with coconut my girlfriend loved it thank u aarthi u mande me a pro cook :-D

  25. My mom use to add onion and coconut while blending and it tastes awesome...

  26. Hi...good receipe..can v avoid or replace coconut as it has cholesterol

  27. Hi Aarathi I have tried your two recipes. Never dosa and potato smileys. Unfortunately both didn't come out well. Never dosa didn't form any holes and was hard.. tell me what happened to it. I used jeerasar rice.

    And potato smileys were splitting into pieces when I dropped them into oil..then somehow I managed to shallow fry them.. but was vey oily.. please help.. how to improve both the items.. I am loosing my confidence��

    1. Use normal cooking rice for the dosa. Also make the dosa batter very liquidy. If ur potato smiley splits, add more cornflour and knead it well. chill the smileys for 30 mins before frying

  28. I tried neer does today and it was a super hit
    Thank you


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