Feb 21, 2015

Bread Butter & Jam Recipe - Finger Food Ideas for Babies

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This is a recipe which is not even a recipe, but i just want to share it with you all because it makes a great finger food for babies and this is just to give you a idea. I started giving this for maha only after 1.5 years, i gave her my homemade jams, so i know that it has real fruits in it and it is preservatives free. So try this out, and this is not only for babies, it makes a great breakfast for adults as well..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Makes : 1 sandwich


Bread as needed (Recipe)
Butter as needed (Recipe)
Jam as needed (Recipe)


Take a bread slice, spread butter generously over it, then spread jam over it. Sandwich it together.

Cut the edges, then cut into slices or strips.

Use a squeezy bottle to make designs over the sandwich.

Take a couple slices of bread, you can use white or brown as u wish

First apply some butter on it

spread it evenly

now spoon some jam

I used my homemade strawberry jam

cover with another bread

trim the crust

cut it into strips, i cut like this, because...

i put it on a plate

piped some smileys over it..I used my squeezy bottle to do this..

The first thing maha do when i put the plate in front of her is this..




and this..Once she is happy with it, then she slowly picks and taste it..


  1. Strawberry jam recipe plzZZZZZZZZ

  2. So cute :) your recipes are awesome


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