Oct 27, 2015

Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe - Soba Noodles Soup Recipe

Chicken Noodles Soup is very comforting and a filling soup. It is a one bowl comforting soup. It has lots of veggies and noodles as well. I added chicken in this, you can skip that if you want to make it completely veg. And i added soba noodles in this, you can use any noodles..

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Noodles soup, delicious one..so good and very comforting soup..I added lots of veggies in this, added some chopped marinated chicken breast in this. 

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you...

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 25 to 30 mins
Serves: 4 to 5


Noodles / Soba Noodles - couple big handful
Oil - 1 tblspn

Ginger - 1 tblspn finely chopped
Garlic - 1 tblspn finely chopped
Onion - 1 medium size chopped finely
Green Chillies - 1 chopped finely
Cabbage - 1 cup finely chopped
Carrot - 1 large finely chopped
Capsicum - 1/2 chopped finely
Beans - 4 chopped finely
Peas - 1/4 cup
Sweet Corn - 1/4 cup
Coriander leaves a handful finely chopped
Soy Sauce - 1 tsp + 1 tsp
Lemon Juice - 2 tsp
Chicken - 250 grams chopped
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Sugar - 1 tsp
Vegetable Stock - 6 cups
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 1 tblspn


Take chicken and soy sauce in a bowl and mix well.

Heat oil in a pan, add in ginger, garlic, onions and chillies. Saute for 2 to 3 mins.

Add in all the finely chopped veggies and saute for a good 5 mins.

Add in stock, salt, sugar and pepper and mix well. Bring it to a boil.

Add in noodles and chicken and mix well. Cook till noodles is done.

Now add in peas and corn and cook for couple of mins.

Add in soy sauce, lemon juice and mix well.

Mix cornflour with some water and add that in. Mix well and cook till it thickens lightly.

Add in coriander leaves and serve hot.


Take chopped chicken in a bowl

add in soy sauce

toss well

Take cornflour in a bowl

Add in water and mix well..set this aside

I used these veggies..

You can chop them finely all by yourselves..But i am
 gonna use a new gadget which i discovered

This is it..i bought this in my supermarket 
and it is pretty cheap

It is a manual chopper and it works like a charm..

I added the roughly chopped veggies into the bowl

covered it and pressed the top few times

Look how finely it has diced

I chopped a big bowl of veggies in less than 2 mins

Now chop up other ingredients

Heat little oil or butter in a pan

add in garlic, ginger, onions and chillies

saute for couple of mins

add in veggies

mix well

Keep cooking for 5 mins

pour in water or veg stock
Mix well

once it comes to a boil, add in noodles..I used soba noodles

Add in chicken

Mix well

Add in soy sauce

Add in peas and corn

add in salt, pepper and sugar

Mix well

Add in lemon juice

Add in cornflour slurry

Mix well

add in coriander leaves

mix well



  1. Hi Aarthi.. What is the cost of that chopper? Also is it really useful for hard veggies?

  2. @Bharathiu can chop carrots, beans, cabbage potatoes and veggies like that in this..it costed me around 260 rs

  3. Thanks for your reply..

  4. Thanks for your reply..


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