Dec 11, 2015

Healthy Broccoli Soup Recipe

Broccoli soup is to do list for quite sometimes. It is quite rare to find broccoli in my place. So whenever i see them i used to pick couple of them and try new recipes using it. Each time i will think of making soup using them but i was a bit worried how will it taste and i kept on postponing. Finally one of my best buddy jofy from foodieadamcookieeve shared her version of broccoli soup which made me try my own spin on it. I made this soup very healthy with no cream or butter. And it taste simply delicious..

This soup is a great recipe for toddlers, so healthy and they will love it. When you are making this for kids, add butter instead of oil and cream instead of milk. Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Serves: 2 to 3


Broccoli - 2 cups cut into florets
Olive Oil - 2 tsp
Onion - 1 small chopped finely
Garlic - 2 cloves chopped finely
Water -  2 cups
Milk - 1/2 cup
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Cut broccoli into small forets and wash them well. Take cornflour in a bowl and add milk to it and mix well. Set aside.

Heat oil in a pan, add in onions and garlic and saute for few mins.

Now add in broccoli in it and stir fry them for 5 mins till raw smell leaves.

Now add in 2 cup of water and cook covered till broccoli is cooked and water is dried up.

Now take this in a blender and puree till smooth.

Pour this back into the same pan, add in more water as needed. Add in milk mix and mix well.

Now season with salt and pepper to taste and serve hot.

Take your broccoli 

cut into small florets

take it in a bowl

wash them well

Take all your ingredients

Take milk in a bowl

add in cornflour

mix well..set this aside

Heat little oil, add in garlic


saute till golden

add in broccoli florets

toss well and cook for 5 mins

Add in water

mix well..cover and cook till done

now the water is dried up

take it in a blender

puree till smooth

pour it in the kadai

add more water as needed..bring this to a boil

add in the milk mix

season with salt and pepper

mix well..

Serve hot


  1. Can we make without milk???can we use cauliflower instead of broccoli...thank you..

  2. Can we make cauliflower soup the same way???can you please tell the replacement of milk in the above recipe...thank you.

  3. @Ankita Suman u can use cauliflower. if you want to remove milk, just add few pieces of potatoes when cooking. potatoes add nice creamy texture. U can add some cream too


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