Jul 9, 2011

White Chocolate Blondies

White Chocolate Blondies
One fine day I was going through Rachael allen recipes,and as soon as I saw this one I thought,this is what I am gonna make that evening..I had everything at home except white chocolate..So I quickly went to the nearest shop and grabbed some white chocolate bars(I used milky bar) and I made it...The original recipe calls for 100 gm of chopped chocolate,But 1 used a little more, its my nature of adding more chocolate than the recipe calls for(this goes only for chocolates)...The blondies turned out so fudgy and moist.This is what you need in a good blondies right..The chocolate and peanut butter keep the blondies moist for a few days..And for your information I used homemade peanut butter(Check this for recipe)..So hope you all give this a try and let me know what you think..


Flour- 1 cup / 120 gms
Sugar-1 cup / 200 gms
Vanilla-2 tsp
Baking powder-1 tsp
Butter-100 gm
Peanut Butter-5 tblspn
White chocolate-100 gm chopped / 2/3 cup


Preheat the oven to 170°C(350°F).Line a tin with parchment paper and butter on all sides.

In a mixing bowl add in butter,peanut butter,sugar and beat well till fluffy.

Add in egg,vanilla and beat well.Add in the chopped white chocolate and mix well.

Sift in the Flour and baking powder in this mixture.Fold gently till combined.

Tip this in the tin and bake it for 25-30 min.

Let this cool completely.Cut into pieces.I got around 16 pieces from this.

Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla icecream or have it as it is...ENJOY..


Grab your ingrediants

Line a tin with foil

Beat the butter

add in peanut butter....




White chocolate...

Now sift in flour and baking powder..

Fold in gently

All mixed in

Tip this in the tin and bake it...After it is cooled..cut into squares


Look at the chocolate pieces over there

Ready to dive in..ENJOY


  1. Brownies and blondies are my weakness. These sound and look so delicious. Yummy!

  2. that sure is a yummy treat from u...

  3. OOooohhhhh... this is going to me next in my bake list... Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  4. Rachel Allen's recipe are always a hit and these blondies look swell !

  5. Looks wonderful and absolutely delicious.

  6. Ahh Milky Bars were a staple for me growing up!! Loved them and I am going to eat all of your blondie now,

  7. Wowww!! Lovely blondies!! The last but one pic is awesome... Love to just bite into it :-) Definitely a bookmarked recipe :-)

  8. it is very usefulrecipe easy to make at home.
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  9. its really awesome...and looks soo yummy...:)

  10. Beleive it or not I n e v e r made blondies before:)I even did not know of their existenec.What a great discovery.And the way you described it..what can gowrong(exept I might not have enough of them:)

  11. I love Blondies, these look really good!!

  12. How yummy!!! They would be a huge hit at my house!! :)

  13. Oh wow, amazing recipe! They look delicious!

  14. Hi Aarthu! It's the first time I visit tour blog and it's very nice! I like all your recipes and these blondies must be delicious!

  15. What a coincidence..I just made a bath of butterscotch blondies today:-) White choco blondies looks just perfect..I soo want to have a piece:-(

  16. These look so good and delectable...

  17. Blondies looks very appealing n inviting...tempting too

  18. any substitute for peanut butter and egg?


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