Sep 21, 2011

Varutharacha Mushroom Kulambu ( Mushroom Cooked in Roasted Coconut and Whole Spices)

I know many of you love mushrooms...But in our place this awesome vegetable is treated the same way always...

Like Mushroom Masala, Pepper Mushroom, Chettinad Mushroom or used as a stuffing or sautéd along with onions.....blah...blah...blah...I feel a little bored with these dishes...

One day I bought a packet of button mushrooms from a near by super market called Lynns which is located in our small city Nagercoil...And I was thinking what new dish can I try with that...Suddenly this one came to mind...

I can tell you it is such a spicy dish which is perfect with rice or roti..It is a typical South Indian dish..I got the inspiration for this dish from my mum who used to make potato in the same way..

The whole spices are roasted along with coconut ground and added into the curry...

I want to give you a warning...

Your house will smell so good while you roast the spices and make this curry..Your loved one will surely come near you and ask “WOW..What Magic are you doing in the kitchen..This smell makes me Hungry” like my sister said...

I hope you will try this...

So no more delay here you go for the recipe..


Mushroom-1 cup chopped
Onion-1 chopped
Tomato-2 chopped
Coriander powder / Malli podi-1 tblspn
Chilli powder-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tblspn

For masala:

Coconut-1 cup
Curry leaves- a handful
Cinnamon / Pattai-1 inch piece
Fennel seeds / Sombu-1 tblspn


In a kadai add coconut,curry leaves,fennel seeds,cinnamon and roast till it gets golden colour..

Let this cool down and grind into a smooth paste..

Now in the same kadai add oil and heat it up..Throw in onion and mix well..

Add in coriander powder and chilli powder and mix well.

Add in tomatoes and mix well..Now throw in mushroom and cook it for 5 mins..

Add in the ground masala and mix well..Pour in enough water and mix well..

Bring this to boil and simmer for 10 mins until oil separates on top..

Serve with rice or roti..

Take all your ingrediants
Start roasting coconut,curry leaves,cinnamon,fennel seeds..

Roast roast..

till it golden light golden...

Take that in a blender

make into a fine paste
Now saute onions in the pan

add in salt..

and throw in the spice powders

along with tomatoes

add in mushroom

mix well

cook for 3 mins...

add in the masala paste

mix well

add in enough water...

Bring that to boil

Cover it and simmer

till oil separates from this..Hope you can see the oil droplets...

Dip some fresh naan bread in this juice...


  1. hummm casi puedo olerlo desde aquí, que rico!!!

  2. Oh my! This sounds fantastic. I love mushrooms. I might be the only one who eats this is my home but lucky for me. Yummy!

  3. delicious mushroom gravy looks wonderful

  4. wow! i usually make chicken like this only but in addition to that i will add 4 or 5 cashew / 1 tbsp of potu kadalai. try it with chicken, it will taste equally good

  5. A very exotic preparation with mushrooms.That's an awesome narration Aarthi.I love your spirit.Thanks.

  6. this looks so delicious, very flavourful curry..

  7. I like!
    I have to say I cook with mushrooms throughout the year and that I love.
    I have to try some of your dishes.
    I was in London, eating at some restaurants just to prove Indian flavors. I know almost nothing about this type of cuisine.
    A hug.

  8. Yumm, kuzhambu looks super delicious and fingerlicking..

  9. This looks amazing, and your step by step photos are great, especially since this is a dish I haven't tried before. The only thing I have trouble finding are the curry leaves, is there a substitute?

  10. Another Beauty! I used a jarred Indian Curry last night and was so disapointed! It just lacked that "depth" you get from doing like you do here...from scratch!!! I would love to eat at your table ~ and cook and learn from you in your kitchen!

  11. I'm going to make this soon, I like the ingredients but most of all am looking forward to the aroma,
    Thank You.

  12. oh my oh my....pls pls give me that curry now and i will finish it off in a jiffy...this is too the clay pot that u have used to make the curry...

  13. Yes I do love mushrooms but the way you prepared thsi dish is..with one word..heavinly:)

  14. OMG..this looks fabuous..luv anything with mushroom...yummy.

  15. What a beautiful recipe! I'm not sure that in Italy there are all ingredients...I can try...I tell you if I'll find them. I'm sorry for my bad english :P

  16. Pretend Chef..ya you should try this soon..

    Yuvana's Favourites..That sounds like a great idea..should try it soon..

    Melange,igloo cooking,Torview,shobha..Thanks guys for your comments

    BlueLady..You should definetly do it...

    Thanks priya

    Sue/the view from great island Thanks for ur comment..There is no substitute for curry leaves..I can tell you just skip that...

    Care's Kitchen..There nothing which is equal to grinding your fresh spices...Throw away jarred curry paste and make everything from scratch..

    Raks..Thanks dear..

    Anthony...Yes u should..

    Suhaina..Come over here..I can make it for u..

    Dzoli yes you are correct..

    Tina thanks dear

    Vardhini thanks dear...

    Jeyashri..Yes it is..

    Elena..Yes u should definetly try this...

  17. Wow! This looks amazing! I'm making it for dinner tonight! I have a package of mushrooms in my fridge and this recipe fits the bill for those mushrooms! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  18. This looks absolutely delicious! I bet your house did smell wonderful with all of those great herbs and spices. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  19. wow this is the first time I saw someone still using a clay pot for cooking...I remember my lola(grandma) using this tools. =)

  20. Hi Aarthi, I tried the mushroom gravy and it turned out great! Enjoyed a wonderful sunday lunch!!!
    Did not have curry leaves, which would have increased the aroma and taste!!!

  21. Hi Aarthi, tried this out and my little one polished off her dinner...thanks, tried your tomato recipes too. U have a good collection of recipes, one recipe everyday!lots of patience.Thanks to people like you, no more hunt for cook books for lazy folks like me:)Keeping cooking..

  22. Hi Aarthi! Tried this curry and loved it. It's so yummy! loved the simplicity of this dish and all your recipes.keep up the good work.

  23. Hi Aarthi! Tried this curry and loved it. It was yummy! Love the simplicity of your recipes. I've got a 6month old daughter and the recipes in COOk IN A HURRY are just ideal for me.Thank you!

  24. Hi Aarthi...I am Divya...I am your distance relative...heard abt the site through one of our relative..I tried your mushroom really came out well..i like your the way you post as step by step procedure..i liked other recipe's too..keep more NV Recipe's also..using shrimp & fish too..Keep rocking..:)

  25. i tried this..but it didnt came well fo me:(

  26. The curry came out very well. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Will be back to try more of your recipes..
    -Kamala from US

  27. thanks arthi. i tried this . It was so good...

  28. hi arthi, i came to know about ur blog recently through facebook.from that
    i learnt many dishes from ur blog enna kathrikai kuzhambu..nadan egg curry and many. this mushroom kuzhambu too....thank u so much.

  29. Wow looks soo yummy nd tempting. rich gravy.

  30. Can I make this using boiled eggs instead of mushrooms?

  31. hi aarthi I tried this receipe with baby potato. It came out really well. Thank u

  32. I made this dish today.. the aroma was soooooo awesome and the rich color of the gravy added more beauty.. it tasted sooo delicious.. thanks for the recipe :)

  33. Aarthi,
    I have tried this last week. It is awesome. Thanks for the good recipe.

  34. hi aarthi akka....i tried this recipe's awesome..everyone liked it in our home...TanQQQ so much for tis recipe....:) !!!

  35. hi arthi akka..i tried this recipe was awesomeeee....tanQ for this tasty recipe....:)

  36. Dear Aarthi, I tried this recipe today and it came out very well and the taste of this fabulous.the step by step guidance was really helpful. we decided to try the other recipes as well.

  37. Such a brilliant idea with mushroom. Definitely gonna give this a try ... Love all your recipes aarthi. Thanks a tonne.

  38. Hi I tried this dish.It was regally awesome. My aunty also said it was really super. Thank you very much for sharing with us.keep rocking.

  39. Hi Aarthi.. Tried this mushroom curry today.. Was spicy and yummy.. Great combination for chappathi.. Thank you so much for such a good recipe

  40. Hi Aarthi.. Tried this mushroom curry today.. Was spicy and yummy.. Great combination for chappathi.. Thank you so much for such a good recipe

  41. Awesome one.. tried husband juz loved it.. thanks😍


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