Oct 8, 2011

Cheesy Bread Roll ( Bread Roll stuffed with Cheese,Onion and Cilantro)

If you need a quick appetizer for unexpected guest then this dish comes in handy..This can be made in minutes..As long as you have bread and cheese you can go with the flow..

This recipe is really a flexible ,you can add any thing to the stuffing..I am just giving you a guideline,You can be as creative as you like..

This is great for kids,if you make this and give them after they arrive from school..I can promise that you will be the best mom..

So without any more explanation here you go for the step by step recipe with pictures...

Recipe Source:Sanjeev Kapoor CookBook

Bread-4 slices
Oil for shallow frying

For Stuffing:
Mozarella Cheese- ½ cup
Onion- ½ a small one finely chopped
Green chilli-2 chopped finely
Coriander leaves / Cilantro-3 tblspn chopped finely
Salt to taste


Mix the ingrediants given for the stuffing together..Set this aside for a moment..

Take a bread slice and remove its crust off...Now dip this in water not more than 10 sec and gently squeeze to remove all water...

Place it on the work surface...Spoon some filing over the center of the bread..

Start rolling..If it breaks up, Don’t worry use your fingers to join everything together..

Now fry this roll in hot oil till golden on all sides..

Remove on a paper towel...Serve hot with ketchup...

Take all your ingrediants
add your filling ingrediants in a bowl

throw in lots of cheese

mix well..I love this star spoon
Remove the crust from your bread

Take a bowl full of water

Dip the bread in water..

Squeeze all the water by your hand

place the stuffing in the middle

roll it firmly
all rolled and ready to hit the fire

fry in oil

till golden brown
drain and set aside

Serve hot with ketchup
Want a peek inside..Can you see how gooey it is..


  1. Wow..I luv this gooey stuffed bread roll...yum

  2. Yummy snack.. I love the simplicity of the recipe..:) Apt for the rainy season..

  3. Delicioso Yummy!!. me encanta cómo te ha quedado. Un beso.

  4. QUe fácil y ocurrente, parecen croquetas! la verdad que me ha gustado! saludos

  5. it's fantatic!! good dish! It's perfect for the dinner! delicious!! kisses

  6. MMmmm....That looks so yummy..

  7. i am drooling here..looks so delicious.

  8. wow, that does look delicious and superb not just for kids, but for everyone :)

  9. This looks really delicious. Like your blog!

  10. Thanks Aarthi. This is one of my favouritw recipe. I have never tried to make it. Your post will really help me.

  11. Wow!!! Thanks arthi, actually speaking I was in search for this recipe...

  12. Today was my husband's birthday and i made these rolls alongwith the chocolate eggless pudding and the mango cheese cake , all of which are your recipes :D these rolls turned out to be a hit.. i m eally grateful to you for the big help :) :)

  13. Amazing dishes! Mouth watering!!
    Pictures along would really help amateur cooks like me :)

  14. Amazing dishes! Mouth watering!!
    Pictures along would really help amateur cooks like me :)

  15. @preethiYes u can bake, just brush some oil on top and bake it in a 200 degree Oven for 10 to 15 mins flipping it the other side half way

  16. I ll let u know once I try it..thnk u so much

  17. Tried this recipe today , came out really yumm ... Thankyou

  18. Wow..!! Yummy Wonderful Information.. Great Thanks for sharing..

  19. When i put the roll in oil,it got split into pieces and the stuffings came out :( can u tel me why?

  20. @pooit may be because it has not sealed properly or the bread is too wet. or the oil is not hot enough

  21. That looks sooo good! Will have to give it a try.
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