Jan 26, 2012

Rajasthani Bhindi / Okra with Spiced Gramflour Stuffing / LadysFinger Fry- Rajasthan Style– No Onion & No Garlic Recipes

Me and my sisters are very fussy eaters when we were kids, especially when it comes to vegetables..So Amma used to tell us lots of stories of people who become intelligent and strong by eating vegetables, so we will get some interest in those. Ladys finger is one of those, Amma used to tell us that we will get huge brains and we will get 100 mark in mathematics if we eat ladysfinger..And think about me, I was even ready to eat it raw at those time..HA HA..


But now things have changed and everyone in my house loves ladysfinger..Amma makes it like a simple poriyal always and I loved it..She often make rasam and vendaikai poriyal when she has no time to cook..This combo takes a place in our menu atleast once a week..But after trying this recipe, I am in total love with it..I loved the unique flavour of so many spices coming from this dish. This taste great when it is mixed with hot rice along with a spoon of ghee drizzled on top..Totally YUM..It is so quick to make too so perfect for any weekday too..This is my DAY 4 recipe for BM which falls in the theme Seven days of Rajasthani Recipes….Hope you like it and let me know what you think..

Recipe Source: From my Kitchen to yours


Ladysfinger / Okra / Bhindi / Vendaikai – 20

For Stuffing:
Gram Flour / Kadalai Mavu / Besan – 1 cup
Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
Coriander Powder / Malli Podi – 1 tblspn
Amchoor Powder / Dry Mango powder – 1tsp
Cumin Powder / Jeera Powder – 1 tsp
Garam Masala Powder – 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi -1 tsp
Oil – ¼ cup or as needed to make a paste
Salt to taste

For Seasoning:
Oil – 2 tblspn
Nigella Seeds / Kalonji / Karum Jerakam– 1 tsp
Green Chilli – 2 chopped
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam -1 tsp


Mix all the ingrediants given for stuffing together till it forms a thick paste.

Now take the ladysfinger and wash well. Cut them in to long pieces and slit them in the center.

Take a spoonful of stuffing and stuff the ladysfinger with this and set them aside.

Heat oil in a kadai or a frying pan and add cumin, kalonji, green chillies and mix well.

Add in the stuffed ladysfinger and mix well.

Cover the pan and let it cook for 5 mins on medium heat..Mix often.

Open the lid and cook it  till it gets crispy on outside, be careful not to mush it up..

Serve hot with rice and dal.

Take all your ingrediants
First start by making the stuffing..Take a bowl
add gram flour in this
add all spice powders
add salt
now it is ready to mix
form into a smooth paste
take your fresh okras
cut the top off
cut in halfs
slit open in the middle
stuff the filling in
all stuffed
heat oil add kalonji in
add cumin seeds
add green chilli and ladysfinger
mix well
cover and cook for 5 mins
untill half cooked
now cook on high till the okra gets crisped on outside
A close look


  1. One more yummy dish dear, the ladysfingers look so adorable..

  2. Tempting and spicy bindi..thanks for sharing

  3. yummy recipes....mouthwatering

  4. Curry looks so mouth watery dear!!!!

  5. wow...irressistible okra recipe...superb

  6. great aarthi.. u took me back to my childhood and my mom used to make same bharwan bhindi( stuffed bhindi) dont think she used kalonji and i cant remember but rest is same.. my mom is old now she cant cook much but yes she made this same dish before..

    we used to call it sambhariya

  7. That's a new way of making okra... I love okras but normally make it with onions and potatoes.

  8. delicious!!..they sure are a treat...

  9. Wow this looks so nicely fried...luv it

  10. That looks like a great way to fix vegetables! I need to tell my kids that they will do better in school if they eat more :-)

  11. Wow!!!looks so tempting,your picture makes me drool...nice recipe.

  12. I love okra.. I do make stuffed okra once in a while but I don't add besan. Will try next time.

  13. hey never made stuffed bhindi before. was never sure how to stuff. ur photos are very helpful. will try now

  14. love bhindi cooked this way. tangy sweet and with lots of crunch.

  15. I know I sound repetitive, but really, the okra looks awesome! Would love to have this :)

  16. அருமையாக இருக்கு... படங்களை பார்க்கும் பொழுது செய்யும் ஆர்வம் வருகிறது

  17. Stuffed Lady fingers fry looks delicious, spicy n yummy. Thanks 4 sharing...

  18. bhendi looks yum n spicy..me fav..thnax

  19. Perfect ...even I have posted a bhindi recipe ..its a different version...I always like to eat this bharwan bhindi..we also add dry coconut in the masala

  20. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting dish..

  21. Wow yummy curry.I try this recipe with dey masala.Love this recipe.

  22. hi aarthi, your okra dish looks very delicious and spicy, never seen this recipe before..great to try out and thanks dear for sharing. have a nice day.

  23. I've never thought of stuffing okra, but I know it must be marvelous! And I love your Amma's tactics to get you to eat healthy foods :)

  24. I have never seen Okra prepared like this...and it's amazing!

  25. Everyone loves bhindi at our home, and I am bored of trying out the same recipes again and again. Haven't tried the Rajasthani version yet, and this looks intriguing!

  26. Aww, nice recipe with step by step picks!

  27. Stuffed okra looks absolutely inviting...

  28. Okra and math story existed in our home too.We all love okra,this looks crispy and spicy!

  29. simply superb..bhindi looks super tempting..mouthwatering!!

  30. Made this last week for BM. Loved the flavour

  31. Looks very tempting Aarti..love bindi this way!

  32. This looks super spicy and should pair well with some dal and rice!

  33. Thats a new and interesting dish to me. Must taste yum

  34. bhindi is my weakness.. cannot take my eyes off from the screen..looks fabulous.

  35. i was rather opposite, i could eat bhindi anytime as a kid, have lost the apetite since i started making them on my own, but this looks worth trying

  36. lovely dish..I already made this...with garam masala pastee,,hav to try with gram flour

  37. Awesome and such a tempting one. Luv it

  38. i never had okra this way before...and I love okra so will be trying it!

  39. Tempting and spicy bindi..thanks for sharing

  40. looks really tempting....need to try this one soon...

  41. Gosh, my favourites! Often wondered how to make these... now I can try it myself; thanks dear :)

  42. i just saw this in one more blog in blogging marathon. great to see it as rajasthani recipe here once again. i must try it out.

  43. This looks yummy arathi :) This one's comfort food for me as my mom makes parval (potol) curry in a very similar way :) Check out the post i wrote on preparing Kundru(ivy gourd/kovakka/tindora/dondakaya) in a similar way:


  44. hi
    very nice recipe.want to try this today.
    can i use peanut powder instead of besan coz besan upsets tummy. and if i use peanuts then are there any changes in the ingredients.


  45. @durga kalyanAdd peanut powder and some rice flour. Rice flour will hold the masala

  46. Hi aarthi, I am a avid follower of you blog. Love your reciepes and I have tried many. I liked this one and I tried it today. as mentioned in the above comment, I used peanut powder. But the bhindis were not frying. It was too sticky and in the process of getting them eatable, all the bhindis broke. On the whole it was a disaster. Taste was good but it did not turn out as expected. I want to know how exactly it will cook as the paste is a bit sticky and bhindis were in a lump. Please reply. Where do you think I went wrong.

  47. @SUSMERA VJu have to cook this on a low heat for manu minutes..it will cook slowly from inside and gets crispy on the outside


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