May 2, 2012

பட்டாணி குருமா / Peas Korma(Kurma) / Peas cooked in a Spicy Cashew Sauce - Curry in a Hurry

One lazy night my sister told my mother "Amma I am hungry", Guess what my mother told "Go and Ask your sister, she will make something for you". I was busy editing my blog, But when my sister asked me, how could I regret that. So I stopped everything and just entered the kitchen.  I opened up the refrigerator and was searching to find some vegetables, but for my luck there is not even a single beans left. I also searched our potato basket,but there was only some onions left. My final hope is our freezer, I opened it and found a small unopened bag of frozen peas. I got a confidence that I can make something like a curry to go with poori( I had some left over poori dough from the previous night). Now I am off to the spice cupboard and was checking what else I can get to put in the curry. Luckily I found a bag of roasted cashews which my mother bought some weeks back and I took some and saved it for my cooking. Now I got the clear picture of what I am going to make, it is a creamy & spicy peas korma with some poori. How good is that..

Many people think that making korma takes hours, if so correct that. This one takes only 15 mins to make, Hence I am calling it as Curry in a Hurry. But the flavours are so good and everyone licked their fingers. Combining cashews and onions along with the sweet peas was a total hit and everyone loved it..You can add any vegetables in this gravy like paneer, potatoes, carrots and even chicken.

I hope you will give this a try and tell me how it turned out.


Peas - 2 cups ( I used frozen)

For Masala:
Oil- 1 tblspn
Fennel Seeds / Sombu / Saunf- 1 tblspn
Cashews - 10
Onion - 1 chopped
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Coriander powder / Malli podi - 1 tblspn
Turmeric powder / Manjal podi - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Sugar - 1 tsp


Heat oil in a pan. Add fennel seeds and cashews and let them fry for a min.

Add in onions and cook them for a min till they turn transparent.

Add in the spice powders, salt and sugar and mix well.

Take this in a blender and make into a fine puree by adding some water.

Now take peas in a kadai add enough water and bring it to a boil. Cook it for 5 mins till the peas are cooked. I used frozen so they cooked faster.

Now add in the ground masala and mix well.Cook for 5 mins.

Serve with poori or roti.

Take all your ingrediants
Saute some fennel seeds in oil
add cashews and saute till golden
then onions
add in salt, sugar and spice powders
and cook for a min..
Take it in a blender
and make into a fine puree
now take peas in a pan along with some water
cook till the peas are done
add in the masala and mix well
simmer for 5 mins


  1. Definitely a easy peasy curry,excellent side dish for pooris;.

  2. u r very good cook aarthi and your hubby would be very happy with the way you churn out the dishes,
    ye this one does come out fast,except cashews are so damn expensive.

    ur dish looks really good

  3. Woww.. looks so tempting and delicious.. love the combination.. thanks for the recipe dear !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Super gravy perfect with rotis !!

    Ongoing event CC:Mom’s Recipe

  5. Superb side dish for pooris!Few months ago,even i used ask my amma that i'm hungry in the late night but she will tell me to cook by myself and eat!! Lucky that your sister have got you!


  6. That really is curry in a hurry...

  7. as u called it is a curry in a hurry.....yummy n creamy curry....

  8. Truly and curry that can be prepared in no time. Looks so good !!

  9. Tempting curry,perfect with pooris..

  10. delicious curyy dear...great with pooris !

  11. perfect for weekend feast. looks so delicious.

  12. super easy know we actually have a restaurant here called Curry In a Hurry

  13. hello aarthi ur blog designing and ur way of presentation s amazing.. so gud to see ur blog presentation and ur great recipes... u dont believe that i too prepare the peas masala with the same as u prepared... so happy to see ur recipes... keep it up... n i request to upload ur wedding fotos soon....bye take care....

  14. Mails are slow because I got a message of this post only yesterday. Great to see curry in a hurry, so frozen peas made a great trick. Let me store some.

    Indian Breakfast Thali

  15. liked all ur recipes except shape of these poori's.

  16. Made this for dinner tonight and it was great. I tweaked it a little by adding 1 tomato. Sauted tomato and then added green peas and water, boil, followed by the masala mixture. Even My husband who usually hates green peas, liked this curry in a hurry. Went well with idiyappam.

  17. Instead of peas I tried potato/ paneer/ cauliflower/ mushroom all these came out very well....

  18. Aarthi instead of cashew could I use coconut???


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