Jun 10, 2014

Vegan White Bread Recipe / Vegan Sandwich Bread Recipe / White Sandwich Bread Recipe

I have made quite a bread recipe so far, from that itself you get to know my love for homemade breads. One of my favorite bread is my milk honey bread, it is soft and fluffy like a cloud. I bake that quite often because my husband loves it so much..I have a healthy bread recipe for all health lovers, check out my multigrain bread recipe..And a oats bread recipe is on its way, so stay tuned..

I always wanted to make a vegan bread recipe as soon as i made a batch of homemade soy milk. And it came out quite good. It had a lovely crust and a moist and fluffy interior which a bread should have..So try this out and let me know how it turned out..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Resting Time : 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours
Baking Time : 35 to 40 mins
Makes : 1 loaf


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 3 cups + extra
Dried Yeast - 1 tblspn
Warm Soy Milk or Warm Milk - 1/2 cup
Warm Water - 1/2 cup + extra
Honey or Agave or Maple Syrup - 2 tblspn
Salt  - 1 1/2 tsp
Olive Oil - 1 tblspn


Take warm water and milk in a mixing bowl. 

Add in oil, agave, yeast and mix well. Set aside till the yeast foams up.

Now in a separate bowl, mix flour and salt well.

Now add this to the yeast mix and knead into a soft dough. 

Place the dough in a oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Set aside for a hour till it is doubled in size.

Now punch the air down and add more flour to knead it into a soft dough.

Now shape it into a loaf shape and place it on a oiled loaf pan and cover again. Let it rise for 30 mins or 40 mins till it is doubled in size.

In the last 5 mins, preheat the oven to 190 degree C.

Now brush the top of the bread with soy milk and bake it for 35 to 40 mins till the top is golden.

Remove and let it cool completely.

Remove from pan and slice and serve.

Take all your ingredients

Take warm water in a mixing bowl

add in warm soy milk or regular milk

add in some olive oil

add in some agave or honey

sprinkle in some yeast

set aside till it foams up

take flour in a bowl

add salt to it

mix well

now the yeast must have foamed up

add flour mix

knead in to a dough

cover and let it rise

now it is doubled in size

knead it back down

shape into a log and place in a oiled loaf pan

let it rise again

brush the top with some soy milk

bake till golden



  1. Hmm fresh bread.. i am finding it so hard to get nice soft bread in Bangalore.....thanks for sharing

  2. do join my events at Cooking With Seeds : Green Peas & Foodabulous Fest

  3. hi..im chandana..love reading your blog and trying out your recipes..i just wanted to know which brand of dry active yeast do you use..?

    keep up the good work...

  4. @Anonymousi really dont knwo the name of it, because it is name as my super market name.

  5. Thanx to u i was able to overcome d fear of baking a bread. The way u explain any recipe along with pictures makes it look so simple . And this is d reason i was tempted to try my hands in baking a bread and yesss i was successful. So a BIG THANK YOU mam...


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