Aug 20, 2014

Microwave Eggless Black Forest Cake Recipe - Microwave Cake Recipes

I got mails from viewers asking me to do some microwave baking recipes. You know what came to my mind first, i should make a black forest cake in microwave. Because it is one of the cake which take lots of time to do, atleast half a day is needed to make this cake, so i wanted to make a quick version of it..

Today i decided to make that cake. First i thought of using my microwave chocolate cake as the base, but then i thought of using a different recipe. So i came across this recipe. I took that recipe, halved it and baked into two small cakes. Because if i make a hige cake, i will eat it completely by myself which is not good for my waist. So made a small cake.

The result was like amazing. I was surprised totally. The cake turned out juicy and moist. Loved it so much. It tasted more yummier than my black forest cake, hmm may be equally. 

So try this out and let me know how it turns out..

Preparation Time : 5 mins + 15 mins 
Baking Time : 4 mins
Setting Time : 1 hour
Makes : 5 to 6 slices
Microwave Bowl Size - 7 to 8 cm


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 3/4 cup / 90 grams
Granulated Sugar / White Sugar - 1/2 cup / 100 grams
Cocoa Powder - 2 tblspn
Baking Soda - 1/4 tsp
Baking Powder - 1/4 tsp
Milk - 1/2 cup / 120 ml
Oil - 2 tblspn
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Vinegar or Lemon Juice - 1.5 tsp

For Whipped Cream:
Whipping Cream Powder - 1/2 cup
Ice Cold Water - 3/4 cup

For Decorating:
Cherries - 1/2 cup
Dark Chocolate Bar for Curls & Grates

For Syrup:
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Water - 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp


Take flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder in a sifter and sieve it. Set aside.

Take sugar, milk, vanilla, oil in a bowl. Mix well till it is melted.

Add in the flour mix in and mix well. Add in vinegar and mix well.Batter done.

Now take a microwave safe bowl, line the base with parchment paper, brush the bottom and sides with oil. 

Pour half of the batter in and place the bowl inside microwave for 2 mins. Once it is baked, remove it from oven and let it cool for 2 mins, invert it to the plate. Peel off the parchment paper.

Now bake another cake using the remaining cake batter like the same way. Let both the cakes cool completely.

Now make whipped cream, take whipping cream powder and ice water in a bowl, beat it till thick and stiff. You can use fresh whipping cream in place of whipping cream powder and beat it till thick. Set this in the fridge till use.

Now take the cherries in a mixer and blend till it is crushed. Set aside.

Make syrup, take sugar, water and vanilla in a bowl and mix well. Syrup done.

Now take chocolate bar and use a peeler to make chocolate curls and grate it to make chocolate grates.

Now take the cooled cake, slit it in half. Place the cake in a plate, use strips of parchment paper to surround the cake. Now Brush the cake with syrup generously.

Spread the cake with some whipped cream. Top with some of the crushed cherries.

Place another cake on top, brush the top with some of the syrup again, then whipped topping and cherry topping. Repeat this for the four layers. 

Now spread whipped cream all over the cake, top with chocolate curls, use chocolate grates and spread on the sides of the cake.

Now chill this whole cake for 1 or 2 hours.

Slice and serve.


1)I used a 7 to 8 cm round cake pan, I baked two cakes using this batter, it took me 2 mins to make a cake. if you use a bigger cake pan, then it will take lesser time. So bake accordingly. If you overbake the cake then it will turn hard.

2)This cake is perfect for making blackforest cake, because it absorbs the syrup a lot better.

3)My microwave has highest power of 800 watts.

4)This has to be done in normal micro mode, in which you cook your vegetables. This cake cannot be done in convection mode.


Take all your ingredients

take flour in a sifter

add in baking powder

and some baking soda

add in cocoa powder

sieve it

Take sugar in a bowl

add in milk

and some vanilla

add in oil

mix till sugar is melted

add the sifted flour cocoa mix

add in vinegar

mix well...Batter done

Take a microwave safe bowl..This is to
show the size of the bowl i am using

place a parchment paper in the bottom

brush bottom with some oil

brush the sides as well

pour half of the batter in this

Place it inside the microwave

cook for 2 mins

cover and cook
all baked

invert it to a plate

peel the paper off

cake done

I baked another cake using the remaining batter
Now lets make the whipped cream, take whipping
cream powder in a bowl

pour in some ice cold water

beat it till it gets thick

cream whipped till stiff..

Now lets make the syrup, take sugar in a cup

add in half cup of water

add in vanilla

mix well, syrup done

Now take some cherries in a mixer

grind it coarsely

Now lets make chocolate curls, use a peeler
to make chocolate curls

Now slice the cake in half

Place it in a plate, use parchment paper strips to
surround the cake, this is to give clean serving plate

like this

Dip brush inside the syrup

brush the cake generously

the cake will absorb the syrup nicely

now spread some cream

top with some of the crushed cherry

now place another cake over this and repeat the same steps

I went to 4 layers

now spread whipped cream all over the cake,

spread it on the sides too

completely frosted

now top the cake with chocolate curls

now take some chocolate grates

press it around the sides

now chill the cake for a hour

time to serve



  1. Hats off to ur work really easy to bake in have great collection of it now

  2. Too good Aarthi. Your pictorial really tempts me to attempt all your recipes right away.

  3. Is adding vinegar necessary, wont it give a sour taste?

  4. Wonderful cake aarthi

  5. Vaayil echi orrudeyyyyyyyyyy! Black forest is my all time favourite. Konjam parcel pannungalen :-)

    thanks Vasantha

  6. at what s€houlsd be the upper knob €set?p60 or p80 or max?

  7. This recipe looks yumm...just had a question on the microwave you are using it a conventional one or the regular one?...i have the regular one..does it work in it?

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  11. Wow super excellent arthi. ..going to try tis soon....

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  13. Super as always aarthi .... N am not able to find ur pink eggless buttercream cake... Plz help me

  14. @Rita BoraHere you go

  15. @AnonymousYou have to cook this in high power

  16. @priyaNo it wont, vinegar make the cake soft

  17. Hi aarthi,thanks a lot for microwave cake recipes.i have tried so many oven cakes ,but any din came out so well.all liked it very much.but can i add 1egg with this recipe ?my hubby don't want an eggless cake .will it come out well?

  18. @hafsa imdadI am not sure, i haven't tried it..Will share a egg version soon

  19. I tried this cake... It turned out super moist and yummy... Maybe the best cake i have ever made. Thankyou aarthi

  20. Wat is da difference between oven n microwave?

  21. @AnonymousOven is used to bake cakes, cookies and stuffs like that. But microwave you can cook food and can bake certain cakes.

  22. U have to b master chief....uffff gr8 greattttttt job luv uuu

  23. Hi Aarthi, I am not getting Whipping Cream Powder, can I substitute it with something else. Thanks for help.

  24. In microwave could u tell me what is the time now degree settings for this cake???

  25. Can I use aluminum bowl or any microwave glass bowl is sufficient

  26. @AnonymousThere is not degree setting, just cook it on high in normal cooking mode

  27. @AnonymousSince this is made in normal cooking mode, you cannot use aluminum pots. Use microwave safe plastic or glass bowls

  28. Hi Aarthi, in my microwave the max power is P100, which I guess is only 100 watts.. So how long should the cake be kept inside? Please help me as I have a great penchant for trying this out.. Will I be able to make it with just 100?

  29. Hi arthi ur recipes r awsm I cn make dis cake in oven degree n time also

  30. @AnushaYou got to experiment..Start with 4 mins then check and increase the time if it is not baked.

  31. The cake looks awesome.. Had a question regarding the whipping cream/ powder... I don't have a hand blender... Is it possible to whip the cream using blender or can we do it manually..

  32. @AnonymousYes u can whip it using a hand whisk, but it take a bit of time.

  33. Hey arthi ur recipe is too good....this is my 1st attempt 4 its just gr8...thank u so much I made this cake for my 3rd anniversery....n my husband like it very much....

  34. Awesome cake. And easy to follow as u hv explained with pic. Thx a lot. Will try soon and let.

  35. Bulshit....
    My cake spoiled...

  36. I made this cake on my anniversary few days back. It came out awesome. Thx Arti for wonderful recipe.

  37. Hi arti. Tq for this recipe. It turns out to be a hit among those I know. They have requested me to make a bigger one. Could you assist me on the measurements, bowl size n baking time? Tq

  38. Hi arti. Tq for this recipe. It turns out to be a hit among those I know. They have requested me to make a bigger one. How do I go about it? The measurement, bowl size n baking time. Tq

  39. @ghytriDouble the recipe and use a bigger pan. The time may be the same. You can check if it is cooked or not, then increase the time and cook

  40. Hai aarthi thx for ur recipe can I use amul fresh cream in d place of whipped cream

  41. Love your pictorials , so good to look at. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. God bless.

  42. Hi v need to add sugar to d whipped cream...i mean will it taste good widout sugar

  43. Hi aarthi . Here in my place I found wipping cream milk. I tried to wip cream from that milk. Always when mixed icing sugar it curdles . Can you please tell me how to wip cream from milk and shall I keep cool the hand mixer blades also . Please let me know. Thanks for your previous reply

  44. @Chandana LakshmiU should pour cream in cold bowl, beat till it gets little thick, not too thick, then add 2 spons of icing sugar and beat till thick.

  45. Thank you aarthi I got perfect wip cream 😊

  46. Hello ma'am
    This cake is so tempting. So eager to make it .
    Concerning the whipped cream, is it possible to make it with fresh cream? Or can I use custard instead? Thank you ^^

  47. @Shenita Pramijyes u can use fresh cream, amul fresh will be good. U can whip the thick part alone and use it.

    1. The cake was so delicious but a little dry, what can be the reason? I used less sugar, this quantity seemed a lot to me.
      Thank you :)

  48. @Shenita Pramijthat sugar is perfect, may be that is the reason for the cake dryness.

    1. What if I use sweet chocolate powder, how much sugar should i add?
      Thank you, looking forward to bake it again for my parents' anniversary ^^

  49. Hi any replacement for cherries?I dont get here

  50. @purviit is called sieve used t sift things like flour.

  51. Tried the receipe...turned out really well...thanks a ton for the receipe

  52. Can I use the same recipe for baking in oven?

  53. @Anonymousi am not sure it will work, because this is for microwave baking.

    check this link for my oven blackforest

  54. @Moon JashnaniYou can bake it in convection oven, but bake it in normal cooking mode and not in convection mode

  55. This cake turned out awesome...everybody loved it... Thank you so much... Pictorials 👍

  56. Hi aarthi..could you please tell me what oil you used?

  57. Aarthi dear, will you kindly consider making White Forest Gateaux as well. My kid loves white chocolate cakes/pastries. Please if you can.

  58. Looks delicious. Always wanted to know how to get moist cake. Thanks for sugar syrup part.

  59. Thanx for the recipe
    But mam my cake without egg has never turned out well till date
    So may i use eggs in this and if yes how many or do u suggest to go for another recipe which already calls fir eggs
    Please help as u know no one likes not-turned-out-well cakes

  60. @Qwert Zeqcheck this ouy

  61. It tasted gud..., hats of to u :-)

  62. @Aarthihai aarthi. Your reocipies are mindblowing and easy to follow. I am from mayavaram...where can i get whipped. Cream powder.pls advice i have been searching for it for some time ..

  63. @Aarthihai aarthi. Your reocipies are mindblowing and easy to follow. I am from mayavaram...where can i get whipped. Cream powder.pls advice i have been searching for it for some time ..

  64. Hats off. Easy cake with microwave but canu tell where do u get whipped cream powder as iam in search of it for some time.We cannot get whipped cream always in our powder will be good

  65. Hi Aarthi,

    Thanks a ton for sharing this wonderful recipe. I just tried it out today and it turned out great! I am learning to make cakes in the microwave and experimenting. Your blog was very helpful. :)

  66. Hi Arthi..I have kept the cake in fridge for BTW one doubt..I used amul fresh cream f..does that needs to b whipped along with icing sugar?

  67. @Jerinamalyes it has to be whipped with icing sugar

  68. Hi Arthi..I hadn't used icing sugar..however garnished densely with chocolate turned out awsum..

  69. Hi Aarthi,this is d first time I tried your microwave blackforest cake.And I must say it has made me lazy. I will never bake a blackforest cake in conventional oven again. This cake was moist soft and not too sweet. It was perfect. Thanks a lot for the recipe.

  70. hello,thanks for the recipe,can butter be substituted for vegetable oil??

  71. Hello again,

    Your measures are just perfect! This is my third cake and came out well too! Soft n sponge!

    Just wanted to know which dark chocolate bar you used for curls(decorations)? Also, please interpret 800wt in microwave mode? Sorry, am new to microwave oven as well. I set P100 with 5-10mints in my oven-microwave mode. It took time to cook but then came out well-soft at the end.

    Your receipts are making me to try all new stuffs in my places... N there starts the magic-to impress ppl at home with some variety!

    Thank you once again! Great work Aarthi! Keep going!

    God bless you!

  72. Hi arthi
    I want to bake only a small cake. Can I half the proportions to make just one small cake ?

  73. @Anonymousyes u can..but this cake is small only

  74. Awesome.....!!!! Expecting this types of beginners friendly recipes...

  75. Hi,

    Can you please help me with the list of kitchen equipments used for beating cream and mixing the first ingredients because i can see in 2,3 pictures for mixing and beating you used somethg different from spoons..This is the first time trying to make Cake and Im not used with these equipments while searching I can see blender and beater and all..So I am confused and can you please help me in listing necessary things required to make cake.


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