Aug 12, 2014

Pori Urundai Recipe / Puffed Rice Balls Recipe

This sweet reminds me and take me back to my childhood days. A old lady used to bring packets of these every week to our house and amma used to buy that for us and it will get finished within minutes. My grandma used to make this often when she could find some arisi pori. This urundai taste great with arisi pori, but peoples make it with nel pori too.. But my favorite is with arisi pori.

This is a must recipe for karthigai deepam and krishna jayanthi. But you can make it any time as you like. This is so healthy, make this for your kids, they will love it for sure..The tricky part in this recipe is making the jaggery syrup, if you get it right then you can make this balls perfectly. If the syrup has cooked too much, then you wont be able to shape it into balls. No worries then, put it back on stove and stir for few minutes, now you will have a wonderful jaggery coated puffed rice..Healthy snack..Try this out and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15 to 20 mins
Makes : 10 to 12 balls


Arisi Pori / Puffed Rice - 4 cups
Jaggery / Sarkarai / Palm Sugar- 3/4 cup grated
Water - 1/2 cup
Ghee to grease hands


Take jaggery in a kadai. Add in water and heat it so it is melted. Strain them

Add it back to the kadai and boil it..The mix will get dark and thick. Cook till the syrup reaches one string consistency (if you dip the spoon into the syrup and remove, the last drop falling from the spoon forms a string) or soft ball stage (if you drop few drops of syrup in a plate of cold water, you will be able to gather them together and form a soft balls. It shouldn't be sticky or it shouldn't turn hard.

Now add in the puffed rice and mix well.

Immediately grease your hand with ghee.  take a healthy portion of the pori mix and press firmly and shape it into balls. Pack the balls tightly.

Done..Let it cool down for 15 mins and then enjoy.


1)The syrup stage is really important in making the balls correctly. if you cook the syrup too much, it will crystalize and you wont be able to shape the balls. 

2)You have to use dark coloured jaggery for this.

3)If you  have cooked the jaggery longer and not able to make balls, dont panic, add all the mix to the kadai and stir for few minutes, the jaggery will coat the pori and you will have sweet pori. See my third image from top.

4)You have to make this when the mix is hot, or you will not be able to make balls out of it.

5) If the mix cools down, put it back on stove and heat it for 30 sec till the jaggery melts again and make balls from it.

Take all your ingredients

take jaggery in a thick bottom kadai

add in water

Mix well

Now it is melted

strain it

straining is must, look at the impurities in jaggery

this is the jaggery syrup

pour that back in the same kadai

bring it to boil

boil it till it gets thick, frothy

You have to use dark coloured jaggery for this

drop spoonful of syrup in a bowl of cold water

you will be able to form soft ball from it

add in puffed rice

mix fastly

immediately i transferred it to a bowl, you have to act quickly at this stage

take a healthy portion and press firmly between your hands

Shape them tightly


repeat fastly with the remaining mixture

let it cool for 15 mins and then enjoy


  1. very useful recipe....wanted to give it a try...

  2. how to puff the rice at home ? recpie plz?

  3. I have tried this sweet pori and before I make
    Balls my kids will come with bowl to hav this.
    They love this pori. Was able to make just 3 or 4 balls. Rest they will hav as such. Thanks for posting this recipe arthi. Kiruthika

  4. Hi Aarthi, tried your recipe but could not make balls. could you pls help?

    1. you have over cooked the jaggery syrup so it has crystalized


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