Oct 25, 2014

Pickled Peppers Recipe

This is such a easy recipe..I recommend each and everyone to make this and have a jar handy like me. Because this stuff is so good when added to burgers, sandwiches or evens soups or wherever you feel a little spice or kick is needed.

Preparation Time : 10 mins


Green Chillies - 30
White Vinegar - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup


Slice chillies into rounds. Fill a glass bottle with the chillies and set aside for a min,

Take sugar and vinegar in a sauce pan, heat it up and mix well so the sugar is melted. Now bring this to a boil. 

Pour this over the chillies and cover with a lid.

Set this aside in fridge for few weeks before consuming.


1)This will stay good for a year or even more.
2) You can add this to burgers, sandwiches or even soups if you want a kick to it.
3) You can start enjoying this after 2 to 3 days.
4) I Store this in fridge.

Take your ingredients

I took some fresh green chillies

slice them

First take sugar in a sauce pan

add some vinegar over it

put it on stove

mix well, so the sugar is melted

Bring this to a boil

syrup done

Take green chillies in a glass bottle

pour the hot syrup over it

now your have to cover it tightly and put it in fridge

it will steep and the chillies with pickle in this juice

clamp a lid 

This is how it looks after few days...You can add this to any thing if you want a kick to it..


  1. Can v follow the same procedure for Carrots radish and cucumbers???

  2. oh wow! i am in love with this. i have got to do :) thank you

  3. is there an expiry date for this or can we keep it in the fridge and use for several months??

  4. @AnonymousYes its shelf life is so much, you can keep it for a year i hope..

  5. I have some fresh jalapenos.. Can I use your method to use as topping also for how long I should put the peppers inside the sugar syrup and it should be refrigerated always?? Tia

  6. Hi Aarthi,
    Wat to do with vinegar and sugar syrup after peppers finished...can we reuse it or any other can be done with that

  7. Which type of vinegar is used.Is it diluted before added.


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