Feb 2, 2015

Maavadu Recipe / Vadu Mango Pickle Recipe

Maavadu / Vadu Mango / Baby Mangoes are so cute and they are transformed into a delicious pickle. Oneday me and hubby were having a chit chat walk in my mom's terrace, there we saw a big mango tree leaning its branches into our places. We saw lots of tiny baby mangoes in them. I told hubby that i want to use this mangoes to make the vadu mango pickle so i can share it in my blog. Hubby told me that he loves this pickle a lot. So what else i need, i ran downstairs to take a plastic bag and we started collecting this mangoes. As soon as the cover is full, we packed it home. And next day itself i made this delicious pickle. But this is not the instant kind, you have to wait for few days untill you taste the pickle. 

I made a version which i refered form malika badrinath's cookbook. I have another version which is my grandma's and it is so easy to make as well..Will share it soon. Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Soaking Time : 10 to 15 days


Maavadu / Round Baby Mangoes - 1 kg
Salt - 3/4 cup
Dry Red Chillies - 20
Gingelly Oil / Indian Sesame Oil - 3 tblspn

For Grinding:
Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi - 2 tsp
Mustard Seeds - 2 tblspn


Wash and wipe dry the small mangoes. Put them in a bowl. Pour oil over the mangoes and toss well. 

Take turmeric powder and mustard seeds in a blender and add very little water to make a paste.

Add the paste over the mangoes and mix really well. Cover with a tight lid or a plastic wrap and put it in a cool dry place for 3 days.  Make sure you shake the bowl daily.

Now lots of water must have leached from the mangoes.

Now take dry red chillies in a blender, add the water from the mangoes to the chillies to make a smooth paste.

Pour this into the bowl and mix really well. You can transfer this to a clean dry jar. 

Let this soak for 10 days. Shake the bottle daily.



1)Wash and dry the mangoes really well. You can even put the mangoes under sun for a hour to ensure it is completely dry.
2)Always use clean dry jars and spoon when handling mangoes.
3)This pickle stays good for a year.
4)Shake the bottle really well daily till the pickle is ready.

wash mangoes really well

drain them

wipe them dry

take them in a dry bowl

add in oil

toss well

take turmeric and mustard in a blender

make it into a powder

pour some water

make it into a fine puree

add this over the mangoes

toss well

add in salt

and mix well

cover with plastic wrap or a lid and let it soak for 3 days, 
shake the bowl daily.

Look how much water has leached from the mangoes and mangoes has started to shrink

now take dry red chillies in a blender

crush it lightly

take water from the mangoes

pour it in

and blend it to a fine paste

like this

pour this back into the mangoes

mix well

now take a clean dry jar

spoon mangoes in

cover it up

shake it daily and let it soak for 10 more days before sering



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  2. Hi there
    I checked your recipe because I was trying to figure out how much salt to put in my 5 kilo batch this year.
    The rest of the sites talk of barely capfuls of vadu mangos and that simply wouldn't do.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I have a few comments on the method though.
    I usually wash the mangoes and spread them out on a cotton cloth to dry thoroughly. Atleast a few hours or overnight. This is easier if you are making a large batch.
    Also I first add only the oil (much lesser than yours) and salt. I keep shaking the containers a few times each day to ensure constant contact of salt and mangoes.
    After a few days the mangoes release their juices. This juice is then used to grind the spices and not plain water.
    According to mom-in-law this ensures the longevity of the pickle.
    Not sure of the logic/ science but simply wanted to share.
    Keep blogging!

  3. Whatever Unnown said I agree with. Also please check your spelling. Leaked is not leached.

  4. Hi Arthi,
    aftr adding paste
    Should we keep it in the sun?or else just a coolplace in the house ?

  5. Hi Arthi,
    aftr adding paste
    Should we keep it in the sun?or else just a coolplace in the house ?

  6. @Tastybhavanno need to store in sun..just cool part is enough


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